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Customer Webinar Series: How to radically accelerate your RFPs with AI

Are your sales and bid teams using AI to create personalized RFPs?

AI is being used to improve every aspect of our lives, from giving personalized music recommendations to Siri answering questions 24/7, the future is here—and RFPs are no exception.

Join Olivia Hardy, a founder, experienced content creator and proposal writer from Catalytique Consulting, as she walks through how AI can automatically detect, pull answers, and fill out RFP responses, resulting in a 70% time savings for your team. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make full use of QorusDocs Smart Template features
  • Get a pre-filled draft in seconds using AI
  • Keep your content libraries fresh and up to date with the latest and best answers
  • Train your machine so it keeps getting better over time

Watch the recording to learn how AI is being used by cutting edge bid teams to craft higher performing RFP responses up to five times faster.


Featured Speakers

QorusDocs Webinar Speaker
Olivia Hardy
Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Catalytique Consulting