Qorus Breeze Proposals
Generate winning proposals...faster!

Proposal Automation and RFP Collaboration

Qorus Breeze Proposals is built on the proven and robust Qorus DocGeneration framework to meet the specific document generation requirements of bid managers, proposal managers and sales professionals.

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Better sales proposals…faster!

Qorus Breeze Proposals’ dramatically reduces the time and effort required to generate highly complex, professional sales proposals and RFP response documents.


Why Consider Qorus Breeze Proposals for Your Business?


First and foremost, we are THE SharePoint solution for Proposal Automation and RFP Collaboration. Qorus Breeze Proposals is built on our flagship platform, Qorus DocGeneration: the only document automation product in the market that is built into SharePoint. Qorus Breeze Proposals enables you to take advantage of SharePoint’s market-leading document management features with the bonus of proposal automation specific functionality that’s been added to make creating sales proposals so much easier. Note: SharePoint is not required for our Cloud version of Qorus Breeze Proposals.

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Got SharePoint? Get Qorus Breeze Proposals.

Qorus Breeze Proposals offers proposal creation, RFP collaboration, RFP management, and content library functionality to dramatically decrease the time and effort required to create winning proposals.

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Choice: In the Cloud or On Premises!

Qorus Breeze Proposals offers you the choice of running your proposal creation solution on your own premises or in the Cloud as a Service – at the same monthly based price. Don’t have SharePoint? Don’t worry! Take Qorus Breeze Proposals into the Cloud! You are not required to have SharePoint installed to make use of our Cloud version of Qorus Breeze Proposals.

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Ease of Use: Higher Adoption Rates!

Our new Web-based interface is developed with the objective of achieving high adoption and satisfaction rates among our target end-users: Bid Managers, Proposal Managers and Sales Professionals. Qorus Breeze Proposals adds an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to your existing SharePoint implementation. We strive to keep things clear and simple to enable our end-users to get things done…fast! Just point and click or drag and drop your way to better proposals! Need to see it to believe it? Contact us to schedule a demo and see for yourself!

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Versatility: Create more than just Sales Proposals and RFP Documents! 

Qorus Breeze Proposals’ underlying technology, Qorus DocGeneration, can be used to generate any complex documents where the bulk of the content is customized, such as legal contracts, financial reports, welcome packs, and group policy documents. Start using document automation to generate your sales proposals and see how quickly other departments begin using it for their customized documents. Imagine: One product for all your organization’s high-value document automation needs. 

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