Intapp and QorusDocs: Better Together

Ray Meiring
Written by Ray Meiring / Feb 18, 2022

I lead QorusDocs’ award-winning team of professional problem solvers to create the absolute best customer experience possible. My background in software development and starting new business ventures gives me the ability to oversee projects at every level.

Using proposal management software, companies can complete critical RFPs in a personalized, timely fashion. As many readers of this blog know, our platform is designed to enable customers to improve the efficiency and quality of their proposals, ultimately leading to increased wins and more revenue-generating opportunities.

According to QorusDocs recent “Not Your Average Benchmark Study” report, companies saw a notable rise in RFPs this past year. Sixty-four percent of survey respondents reported an increase in the volume of RFPs received in 2021, compared to 2020; most experienced around 30% more requests. Additionally, 64% of respondents’ companies using proposal management software experienced higher business win rates in 2021, with a median improvement of 59%.

Although firms remain restricted in their ability to develop business with clients face-to-face, many have embraced the opportunity to transform their use of technology and data to drive better growth outcomes. Nowhere has this been more evident over recent months than around pitch and proposal management and the bigger, closely related realm of experience management. Next-generation client development solutions like OnePlace Marketing & Business Development combine traditional CRM with relationship intelligence, experience management, and marketing automation features to provide the first fully connected front-office solution designed to fuel firm growth.

QorusDocs is thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Intapp. The company’s OnePlace Marketing & Business Development suite will now be augmented with our best-of-breed capabilities around proposal automation, tracking, and engagement insight. Intapp clients will be able to leverage the depth and breadth of their firms’ collective intelligence to quickly and easily produce smart, professional-looking pitches and proposals, all powered by QorusDocs and Intapp — together.

Helping Clients Win

Our mutual clients will now be able to use OnePlace Marketing & Business Development to manage content. The days of hunting for information and content across a collection of disparate, disconnected data stores are officially over. OnePlace Marketing & Business Development provides a central place to manage firm marketing content, including experience and profiles as well as CRM and website data. Integrate that with what QorusDocs is known and recognized for: best-of-breed, visually compelling and win-focused proposal management and you can close the marketing and business development technology loop. The bottom line: OnePlace Marketing & Business Development and QorusDocs together provide a single source of data transfused into visually compelling proposals with the intelligence to recognize winning content and inform better, experience-based decisions in the future.

To learn more about the combined power of Intapp and Qorus Docs, watch our demo of OnePlace Marketing & Business Development and QorusDocs working seamlessly together, or schedule a personalized demo.