We recently caught up with Ray Meiring, CEO and Co-Founder of Qorus when he visited our Cape Town office.

You might know that Ray started Qorus in Cape Town, in 2012, along with Lee Child and Stephanie Laurent. After moving our headquarters to Seattle to be closer to Microsoft (a primary client and partner of ours), we expanded our global presence to New York, London and Cape Town, and have seen tremendous growth in the sales enablement space.

Over the years, we’ve shifted our business focus to align with trends, our clients’ needs, and new technologies.

Here’s more on that and what’s to come.

Tell us a bit about Qorus’ starting point and its growth.

Initially, our focus was on generating documents for organizations. But the trend evolved into generating sales documents, and sales proposals became a big theme for us. So, we developed software around that theme.

We learned that we needed to support more than just sales proposals, and that we needed to stretch across the entire breadth of the organization and provide a sales enablement platform that worked with various teams:

  • Marketing – where the content is produced
  • Sales – where that content is used
  • Bid and proposal teams – where that content is used to win deals

In effect, content needs to be more democratically available across the commercial teams in an organization.

Seeing that trend was the inspiration for us to evolve into the sales enablement space – to take content in various pockets in a business and to make that content available and intelligently recommended to the sales, marketing, and bid teams so that they’re all effective in trying to win more business.

What sets Qorus apart in the marketplace? 

  1. Our customer success focus. We put a lot of energy and discipline into building out customer successes and making sure we offer our customers the very best overall experience, helping them to meet their objectives.

    But that customer success team needs to be underpinned by good technology.

    So, we put a lot of effort into research and development, and into building out new forms of technology.

  2. Our relationship with Microsoft. We have found that Office 365 is pervasive today and the use of tools like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online has become the norm for large organizations.

    Instead of us trying to recreate those functions in our application, we decided to take an integration style approach.

    This allows users to control and manage their own content within Office 365. We integrate into that and provide all good content back out to the sales and marketing teams.

    Users don’t have to put content into a proprietary system controlled by an external vendor.

  3. We work across a broad spectrum of the organization. As mentioned, we’ve learned that it takes more than just the sales team to win deals today, and so Qorus works across the marketing teams, across the sales teams and it also brings through functions typically required in RFP or bid teams.

    We then plug into Microsoft’s technology stack. We pull Microsoft Teams content in to work with things like SharePoint Online and that means that organizations can really control and manage their own content – and use it across that broad spectrum of departments in their organization.

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How do Microsoft partners benefit from using Qorus?

Microsoft partners have access to a fully stocked library of Microsoft’s best sales enablement content for their partners.

So, when a Microsoft partner accesses Qorus, they’re immediately able to search for all the content they need and they’re able to use that content as part of their sales endeavors.

That makes them a lot more efficient than having to invent that content themselves or to search the internet to find relevant content for their particular need.

And, what about their own content?

We have premium features in the software that enable partners to work with their own content, and do things like share and track that content.

How is Qorus planning to grow in the sales enablement space?

Qorus started very much in niche markets – the law market, the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)  market and tech companies in particular. We also have strengths in healthcare insurance and in financial services.

Our plan is to continue to develop functionality that is very useful to those niche markets.

We want to continue making artificial intelligence (AI) pervasive across our platform, and work with those markets to see them benefit hugely from our specialization. 

As we grow, we’ll introduce new markets into that, and we’ll find different ways to:

  • Make the technology that is available beneficial in those markets
  • See our growth as an organization into a leading global player in the sales enablement space

We’re really excited about some of the new technology opportunities that are available to us now, and the opportunity to bring AI into every element of the sales enablement platform.