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How to Win More Deals with Proposal Management Software

As a business development leader, where do you even begin to look for the next technology investment that will win you more deals? When you’re faced with more than 1,000 tools on the market that fall into one of 45 different categories—each promising efficiencies and improved sales performance—it’s hard to ascertain which tech investment will have the greatest impact on your sales team’s output.

Did you know studies show that revenue teams actually spend as little as one third of their time on activities that generate income, compared to a whopping 63% of their time working in sales tools? Rationally, you’d expect these stats to be the reverse, with technology freeing up valuable time for business development work that leads to more deals and more revenue.

Here's the thing: enterprise teams use, on average, nine different sales tools, with the majority focused on acquisition or customer engagement. While tech that helps sales teams acquire new customers and engage effectively with prospects and clients is definitely valuable, without proposal management software, the tech stack is missing a key piece of the revenue-generation puzzle: streamlining the close.  

Bring it home with proposal management software

Proposal management software, such as QorusDocs, simplifies and intelligently automates the creation of the most critical sales documents your team produces, helping you optimize your response process to close more deals and bolster the bottom line. In a world where market dynamics have changed, the buying process takes longer, and customer expectations are more complex, your sales documents are now more important than ever—and yet they demand a lot of time and attention to detail to get right. 

Adding proposal management software to your tech stack is the helping hand your sales team need to build a fast-flowing sales funnel that consistently produces wins. In fact, in a recent benchmark survey from QorusDocs, respondents said their proposal management software increased their deal velocity by 50%. And for those who respond to RFPs, they saw a 59% increase in their win rate. We hate to brag (or do we?) but QorusDocs’ customer insight research found that 100% of users felt QorusDocs is effective or highly effective in growing their sales.

With the right proposal management tool in your tech stack, you can produce professional, accurate, and concise proposals, responses, and pitch decks using content, bios, experience, and contributors that have been proven to lead to better win rates. At the same time, you’ll be able to keep documents highly personalized and respond to multiple opportunities simultaneously without bringing your team to their knees. Don’t miss out on the technology that can accelerate and optimize your response process to boost your win rate and keep sales revenue flowing.

To learn more about how adding proposal management software to your tech stack can boost your win rate, watch this video or check out our mini-guide: 8 Reasons Your Enterprise Sales Tech Stack Needs Proposal Management Software.

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Published by Jennifer Tomlinson December 22, 2022
Jennifer Tomlinson