Core features

Sales enablement made easy.

Core features

Powerful new features. In the familiar world of Microsoft 365.


Qorus provides powerful search capabilities to help you locate the content you need fast:

  • Search one content source at a time, or multiple sources at once. These include OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online lists and libraries.
  • Enter search terms, phrases, and even search operators in the search box.
  • Use search filters to narrow a long list of search results, or to simply search without typing anything in the search box.
  • Create handy shortcuts to the content you use most.
  • Save your favorite searches, documents and locations.
  • Quickly find recently and frequently used documents, clipped content sections, and campaigns.

Find your best content


  • Use the Qorus Cart to assemble new presentations from existing slide decks.
  • Use Smart Rules and Fields to personalize your content by client and phase in the sales cycle.
  • Preview, insert and re-use images and whole documents, or just the sections you want.
  • Grow your library by clipping and saving re-usable content.
  • Refresh your documents to automatically reflect any changes to source content.

Build personalized documents


  • Invite multiple people to co-author Word documents in real-time.
  • Collaborate, chat and share content via Microsoft Teams.
  • Create, edit, manage and track assignments in Hub Central.
  • Trigger email notifications when assignments are created or edited, and reminders as due dates approach.
  • Get an instant view of assignment statuses across your document or team.
  • Designate proxy users when you are out of office to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • View an audit trail of the full history of your document including views, edits, comments and more.

Bring your best minds together on key deals


  • Our secure document sharing feature enables you to send secure links to documents, presentations and PDFs.
  • Track engagement to find out which sections the recipient is most interested in, what they’re clicking on and what they’re sharing.
  • Use these insights to tailor your follow-up conversations and close deals faster.

Securely share & track documents


  • Keep track of all content creation, search, collaboration, and sharing activities.
  • Identify your most valuable content, most searched keywords, and most productive people.
  • Use these insights to make informed decisions and shape your sales enablement strategy.
  • Build custom reports by connecting Qorus to your analytics software.

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