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Experience Database

Business critical documents are at the heart of your success… and so is Qorus.

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A powerful, but easy-to-use experience database

Building your firm’s brand is all about reputation. Your firm’s story must be told, built and shared. A good reputation is gained by consistently delivering outstanding work, over the long term.

This means that regularly updated, high quality experience and business development content is key. But all of this content must be properly managed across the firm’s website, in pitches, and in RFP responses.

Qorus offers a modern, user-friendly content and specialized law firm experience database.

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The experience database

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Our content management system for law firms includes a powerful experience database. This allows you to store and easily update attorney bios, experience summaries, and pitch content.

Each document is assigned to a subject matter expert, for example the Lawyer or Solicitor whose bio it is, or who oversees the practice area. They will be able to edit or suggest changes to the content, but no changes will come into effect until approved by Marketing. Regular review intervals can be set, which trigger an automated reminder to review and update the content.

Once in the database, each piece of content is tagged and categorized, making it easy to find.

The Microsoft Office plugins

One of the best things about our solutions is how easy they are to use. They plug directly into Word, PowerPoint and Excel, allowing for deeper collaboration and increased productivity. You’ll see two new tabs on the Microsoft Office menu ribbon – one that allows you to add data tags and create business rules around content, and one that allows you to search for content and drop it into your document. Users can also suggest new content at the click of a button.

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The tombstone generator

The legal edition of our platform includes a handy tombstone generator. This automatically pulls the latest content and logos into a neat PowerPoint slide for use in pitches. No formatting required.



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The CRM and CMS integrations

Our solution is widely integrated for further productivity gains. Connect it to your CRM to automatically tailor standard content without risking any copy/paste errors. You can also map business development content to parameters such as pipeline phase, industry or practice area. This content will then be recommended to business development managers right within their opportunity view in CRM – saving them time and ensuring relevant conversations.

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