Empower your remote proposal teams

Close more deals. Faster.

Qorus users spend 50% less time searching for content and can create pitches and proposals five times faster than before.

Empower your remote law firm teams
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Prepare higher quality RFPs and
proposals faster

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When a business development opportunity arises, Qorus makes it easy to prepare your proposal
quickly, with targeted content, all from within your familiar environment or popular CRM system,
plus Experience Management systems.

Qorus can help your firm win more deals by streamlining the tasks involved in responding to RFPs
and preparing tailored pitches and presentations.

Locate documents

Locate the best content for your client

Create documents

Create your proposal using up-to-date content

Collaborate with attorneys

Collaborate with attorneys and staff to tailor and finalise your proposal

Single source of content

Build a single source of truth for your content

Track the effectiveness of your proposals

Track the effectiveness of your proposal for smarter follow up

Qorus brings marketing content, biographies and experience together to create winning pitches, proposals and RFP responses.

The result? A firm that collaborates as a team to showcase its best experience and close more deals.

Close deals by bringing your firm's best minds together
Nora Navin of Baker McKenzie
“Qorus was the clear winner when we looked at the primary factors. It was a pretty easy decision. We also really enjoyed working with the team.”
Nora Navin
Director of Pitch and Pursuit Excellence at Baker McKenzie

Bring key stakeholders together to locate, insert and personalize winning content. Work in your browser or Office applications and collaborate in Microsoft Teams. Then securely share content with clients, and track their engagement to find your firm’s most valuable messages.

Sales Enablement for winning teams

Jennifer Manton of Kramer Levin
“We have calculated that we spend almost 30% less time creating and managing content. It also helped us increase pitch output by about 25%”
Jennifer Manton
Managing Director, Chief Marketing/Business Development Officer Kramer Levin

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Best proposal solution
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