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Published by PR Newswire / Mar 08, 2022

QorusDocs enables Teladoc Health and ManpowerGroup's sales response process

The integrations will accelerate Teladoc Health and ManpowerGroup's content management, proposal creation, and sales initiatives.

QorusDocs, an RFP and proposal management software company, today announced the success of its partnership with Highspot, a sales enablement solution. With QorusDocs and Highspot's integration – which features a consolidated and streamlined workflow of proposal management, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales enablement platforms – customers, including ManpowerGroup and Teladoc Health, will benefit from optimized content management, proposal creation and sales acceleration.

ManpowerGroup, a leader in innovative workforce solutions, supports five brands across North America and handles a maximum of approximately 500 bids annually. With the volume of RFPs increasing steadily, the organization needed a solution to automate and accelerate the RFP process and support its sales team without relying on the bid team to create proposals for smaller deals.

Through the QorusDocs and Highspot integration, ManpowerGroup can fast-track proposal creation, leveraging templates and a controlled, consistent content environment. As a result, ManpowerGroup's sales team can create and pitch a personalized proposal to a client in less than five minutes.

"Given the large volume of RFPs ManpowerGroup manages, it was critical we streamlined the process of evaluating RFPs and expedited the response process," said Rebecca Croucher, SVP, head of North America marketing & sales enablement at ManpowerGroup. "The value of consistent content is often underestimated. The success of our RFPs relies heavily on up-to-date and compelling content and the QorusDocs-Highspot integration equips us with just that, helping us to secure new business opportunities and efficiently manage our RFPs."

With QorusDocs and Highspot in companies' tech stack, sales teams can generate meaningful and efficient reporting. Organizations leveraging the integrated solutions can see whether specific proposals are helping increase win rates, supporting continuous improvements to the team's content based on the outcome of that data.

"At QorusDocs, we strive to create streamlined proposal management processes that reinforce the growth of companies and add value to daily operations and customer relationships," said Ray Meiring, CEO and co-founder of QorusDocs. "Through the use of QorusDocs, integrated with Highspot, customers will increase productivity, improve proposal quality to boost business win rates, strengthen effective team collaboration, and save valuable time and resources."

Prior to this integration, Teladoc Health, a virtual care system transforming how people access and experience whole-person healthcare, had an inefficient proposal management system because content was decentralized and difficult to find. With QorusDocs' AI-powered proposal management software, the Teladoc Health team will be able to rapidly create highly personalized, engaging, and accurate sales proposals to increase win rates and accelerate the sales cycle. The Teladoc Health team can also track how prospects engage with proposals and use the data to inform content recommendations for future sales responses.

Highspot and QorusDocs will enable the Teladoc Health sales team to access all sales content in one place and provides guidance on which content will be most effective in closing deals. Leveraging Highspot's end-to-end platform, Teladoc Health can optimize content and improve sales performance.

QorusDocs and Highspot's integration will create a self-serve proposal process: QorusDocs recommends the best proposal template using accurate data from Highspot and CRM systems at the appropriate time in the sales cycle. Sales teams can easily access the template from within Highspot, without having to switch to a different environment. As a result, sales teams can directly pitch to the prospect and track how they're interacting with the content. Ultimately, this integration allows companies to create personalized, efficient proposals in minutes, leading to more deal wins and increases in the sales cycle.

"Existing content management systems and digital asset management systems aren't designed for sellers to find and use content in a relevant way," said Jake Braly, VP of strategic alliances at Highspot. "Contextual guidance around how to use content most effectively is critical for closing sales—and this is where the integration of Highspot and QorusDocs really shines."

About QorusDocs 
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Published by PR Newswire March 8, 2022
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