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Business critical documents are at the heart of your success… and so is Qorus.

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A powerful content management solution to bridge the gaps

Successful marketing teams work hard to create tailored content for every stage of the buyer's journey. And when a lead is handed over to the sales team, the transition should be just as good. Unfortunately, many leads are lost due to delayed follow-up communications from business developers. When they are followed up, it's often with irrelevant or outdated content.

To help close this content gap and accelerate the sales process, Qorus offers an intuitive, cloud-based content repository with powerful content management and search functionality. 

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Store all business development-related content.

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Integrate with CRM to automatically tailor generic content.

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Map content to persona and buyer stage to recommend it to the sales team, within the Opportunity view in CRM.

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Enable business developers to generate their own tailored pitches and proposals, using only approved content.

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An intuitive sales acceleration solution that everyone can use

Qorus is a great addition to your sales management software. It's an intuitive sales enablement solution that streamlines the entire business development process - helping your team find, personalize and share the most relevant content with each potential customer.

The guided pitch and proposal wizard allows even the most non-technical of users to create accurate, tailored client-facing documents using content that has been approved and templates that require no formatting or styling. It plugs into Word, PowerPoint and Excel, allowing users to search for and add content directly into their pitch or proposal – without navigating away from it. 

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Here’s why sales and marketing teams love Qorus 

  • Our solution enables busy sales teams to quickly generate their own accurate, personalized pitches and proposals – via our intuitive web portal, or directly within CRM.
  • The solution's powerful co-authoring functionality enables multiple stakeholders to collaborate on a document at the same time – from anywhere in the world.
  • CRM integration allows marketing teams to map content to various parameters - including industry, region and lifecycle phase - so that only the best, most relevant content is recommended to the business development manager – right within CRM.
  • Qorus also simplifies the task of managing and reporting on sales and bid activities. Our solution offers detailed, real-time content usage and reports for improved decision making.
  • The fact that Qorus plugs into Microsoft Office - so anyone can use it - usually seals the deal with busy sales and marketing teams.

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