Webinar On Demand: Designing Content Templates That Win Business

Jennifer Tomlinson
Written by Jennifer Tomlinson / Sep 14, 2021

As Executive VP of Marketing, I work to identify business needs and help QorusDocs’ clients generate revenue more effectively and efficiently. I spearhead efforts to increase brand awareness through digital marketing and client engagement.

Sales conversions, whether in person or digital, all use data as a starting point. The secret to winning business is to use data (customer, industry, market) to shape the content you share with your prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. One useful trick to creating content that resonates with buyers—whether for proposals, RFP responses, sales presentations, or other business-critical document—is to take advantage of personalized templates.  

In a recent QorusDocs webinar, the power duo of Amy Hayo, Customer Success Operations Manager at QorusDocs, and My Nguyen, our Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, shared their expertise about how to quickly and confidently design personalized templates that enable your sales team to connect more strongly with prospects.  

The key takeaways from this webinar include:  

  • How personalization can help you win more deals 
  • Overview of QorusDocs Smart Template features 
  • How to create Smart Templates for your business 
  • Examples of successful templates used by QorusDocs customers 
  • How to automate your personalized content 

But before we dive into the world of smart content templates, let’s talk about personalization and why it’s so important. 

How personalization can help you win more deals 

Personalization helps seal the deal. Accenture found that 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with companies who recognize, remember, and suggest relevant offers. In today's competitive marketplace, customers are expecting you to pay attention to their wants and needs—and sellers are responding. In Gartner's 2018 State of Personalization Report, 80% of the surveyed marketing leaders said their organization was pursuing personalization.  

Personalization helps you:  

  • Create opportunity profiles
  • Tailor experiences
  • Build a consistent foundation
  • Increase customer satisfaction 

By truly understanding the needs of your prospects, you can create consistent, contextual experiences that prove you've been paying attention. And personalization isn't just for marketing anymore. These tactics can be used farther along in the buyer’s journey to differentiate your business, drive engagement, forge new relationships, and ultimately close more deals. 

Personalization challenges 

Despite the advantages of personalization, many businesses are avoiding using personalized content in their sales opportunities. Gartner recently reported that 63% of companies are still struggling with personalization, opting instead for generic, boilerplate documents. 

Why do many companies miss the opportunity to engage buyers with personalized content? Some common pain points are: 

  1. Time-consuming to alter every single presentation or proposal 
  2. Risk of errors 
  3. Difficult to maintain a template 
  4. Losing control of quality and accuracy of content 

Smart Templates to the rescue 

Personalization doesn't have to be difficult. When the right planning—and the right tools and systems— are in place, developing personalized content becomes a straightforward and streamlined process. QorusDocs Smart Design Solutions are here to help you navigate the process with ease.  

Created from Word and PowerPoint formats, smart content templates are reusable documents that can create unique outputs for each specific sales situation. QorusDocs Smart Templates add a layer of automation that enables your team to create new tailored documents and presentations with efficiency and accuracy. Did you know many of our customers are using templates to immediately get to the “80% completed” stage of the proposal on the first draft?! That could be you! 

By combining the most effective content from winning proposals with QorusDocs data-driven content recommendations, you can create tailored, polished proposals in just a few clicks. Plus, the QorusDocs automated system gets smarter with each use, suggesting content that produces a higher win rate. 

With QorusDocs Smart Templates, you can leverage Smart Fields to quickly auto-fill information to create accurate, custom-tailored proposals five times faster and employ Smart Rules to ensure proposals, RFPs, and presentations contain the right messaging for the right audience. You can also take advantage of the Cart feature to visually select PowerPoint slides to create on-brand professional sales pitches and presentations. 

Seeing is believing 

In this webinar, Amy and My walk you through the easy process of creating winning content templates using QorusDocs Smart Templates for a wide variety of deal documents: presentations, quotes, statements of work (SOW), case studies, emails, service agreements, and contracts.  

The demo showcases how QorusDocs Smart Design solutions can help you: 

  • Create seamless sales experiences with smart content templates by being able to incorporate customer-centric content 
  • Use modular content automated conditions to dynamically build proposals 
  • Use your distinguished design, branding, and themes to increase your brand awareness 
  • Make your templates easy to find with our recommended content based on deal profiling 

Best practices 

Here are three best practices to keep in mind as you begin leveraging Smart Templates and personalization to curate tailored business-critical documents:  

  1. Before diving into the templating, we recommend conducting an initial exercise of evaluating how client-centric your content is. Look at how often you mention your prospect vs. your company or product and look for opportunities to create a more compelling story for your buyer.
  2. If you don't have existing templates of your own, start by using your most recent proposals and RFPs to build a modular content library. Take one of your successful proposals or deal documents and model your templates from that.
  3. Invest in researching ‘win’ themes that relate to the problems—both within the industry and company-specific—your prospect is trying to solve.  

To discover additional best practices around creating and optimizing templates, and for more details on how QorusDocs Smart Design Solutions can help you develop a more productive sales process using automated, personalized content, watch the webinar recording now.