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Qorus puts winning content at the fingertips of your Sales, Proposal, Bid, and RFP teams so that they can respond faster and achieve higher close rates.

The platform’s Auto Answer feature uses Natural Language Process and Artificial Intelligence to read your questions, find the best answers, and build a draft in seconds.

Connect Qorus to your favorite CRM, SharePoint or OneDrive library and more to tailor your content to each client’s exact needs. Collaborate in Office and Microsoft Teams. Then share the final product with your clients and track their engagement.

Qorus helps you understand which content is most valuable to your clients. This means you’ll have a clear view of what makes your team successful. And ultimately, it means you’ll win more business.

Qorus the best proposal software

Create, share and collaborate on proposal and RFP content without leaving the familiar world of Microsoft 365.

Invite subject matter experts to collaborate directly in your document by allocating questions to them, then follow up with automatic reminders as your deadline approaches.

Track progress, measure win rates, and more.

Invite subject experts to collaborate in the familiar world of Office

Qorus tracks content engagement, enabling you to see exactly how people are interacting with your documents.

Use this information to plan and prioritize content creation, to refresh and improve ineffective content, and to prove your team’s value.

Find out what your prospects really think
Global consulting firm
“I completed an RFI in 20 minutes using Qorus. It took my team 6 hours to complete the same document without Qorus.”
Global Consulting Firm

Ask your team the following questions to find out whether they need Qorus to help streamline proposal and RFP management:

  • How much time do they spend looking for up-to-date proposal content?
  • How intuitive is their proposal content library?
  • Are their proposal and RFx processes as efficient as they should be?
  • Is it easy to keep proposal content up to date?
  • Are subject matter experts able to collaborate on deal matter easily and in real time?
  • Does the team know how clients are engaging with proposals and RFPs?

Qorus puts all of this information at your fingertips, empowering your team to work confidently and efficiently.

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