We’re thrilled to welcome two new additions to the Qorus US team: Paulo Lee, SVP of Sales, who joined us in December 2020, and Julie Varness, EVP of Finance and Operations, who began her Qorus adventure in February 2021.

To help you get acquainted, we sat down with Paulo and Julie to find out what makes them tick, both as team leaders and as individuals.

Tell us a little about the path to your current leadership role. 

Paulo: Growing up, I never imagined I would enter sales as a profession. But I found I enjoyed listening to customers and solving problems for them. Later on, I discovered I was passionate about coaching, developing teams, process, and strategy.

Julie: I was lucky to start my career in public accounting and then went to work at growth-stage companies that were led by entrepreneurs with a strong vision and passion for making their companies the leaders of their respective industries, either by innovating in the space, improving the way people work through better software, or by enhancing the consumer experience. 

How have your experiences with previous companies helped shape you into the leaders you are today?

Paulo: I’ve never been a fan of “selling” and am always turned off when I’m “sold to.” So I’ve been lucky to have worked for several fantastic companies where, instead of having to do the “hard sell,” I’ve had the rewarding experience of being able to help people by offering solutions to problems that businesses and individuals face every day. I don’t take for granted the trust we are receiving from our customers and consider it a bit of a badge of honor. 

Julie: I’m drawn to the entrepreneurial drive and have loved using my skills and experience in finance and HR at several start-ups to help leaders realize their vision. Being part of building a company from the ground up is immensely rewarding but also comes with its own unique set of challenges and obstacles. I look at my career as a continuous learning experience and I learn just as much, if not more, from failures. As a result, I’ve learned to be flexible, creative, and resilient in the way I engage with my team and how I tackle problem-solving.

What do you enjoy most about leading your team at Qorus?

Paulo: I love the impact we bring to our customers. I enjoy coaching and developing my team and helping them become successful. It is gratifying to see someone become successful in an area they weren’t initially confident about.

Julie: Finance and Operations teams are partners to other teams in the organization; we help enable growth in support of the Qorus vision and provide strategies and pathways for success. The HR team manages the company’s most valuable asset: its people. This means we craft programs that empower and engage employees. I truly enjoy enabling the success of people—which ultimately leads to success for the business.

What’s getting you fired up for 2021?

Paulo: I’m excited about the opportunity we have to help our customers execute and improve on a part of the sales cycle that is both complex and time-consuming. As corporate spend falls under stricter scrutiny, our solution can really help companies and sales teams navigate these challenges.

Julie: I’m inspired by the energy of the Qorus team, the value of the products for proposal management and sales teams, and the vision of the founders to build an amazing company. For 2021, I see a ton of growth for Qorus and am excited to be part of the team. 

And on a personal note, what keeps you busy outside of work?

Paulo: I spend a lot of time with my family. But I do enjoy watching and playing sports, traveling, and being able to enjoy great culinary experiences. Most of all I enjoy my community and friends. 

Julie: When we can get back to it, I love to travel. I enjoy experiencing other cultures and especially trying new foods. In the meantime, my family and I have enjoyed outside activities like skiing, hiking, and exploring our great local parks. I also love to cook and have read and listened to a LOT of books this year.

We’re delighted to have Julie and Paulo onboard and look forward to seeing what exciting things they accomplish as 2021 unfolds and beyond. Welcome to the team!

You can connect with Paulo or Julie on LinkedIn to chat about proposals, RFPs, or their favorite travel destination!

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