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Your Step-by-step Guide to Creating RFP Responses That Wow Clients

If RFPs are piling up in your inbox, the thought of drafting responses may fill you with dread. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right resources and tools at your disposal to simplify and streamline the process, you’ll be able to make quick work of that RFP backlog.  

At QorusDocs, we’re all about making your life easier by making the RFP and proposal process simpler, faster, and more intuitive. In addition to QorusDocs’ QPilot (our new AI Assistant that streamlines workflows to accelerate research, personalization, and creation of tailored content), we’re pleased to announce our new and improved RFP Response Kit

The complimentary three-part RFP Response Kit is designed to help you: 

  • Identify which opportunities are worth going after, using our decision matrix 

  • Create an impressive RFP response using our template guideline 

  • Impress your prospective client with a snappy email accompanying your RFP response, using our email template for inspiration 

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions 

To bid or not to bid, that is the question. Responding to an RFP requires a significant investment of time and resources and doesn’t always generate new business. So while your initial reaction may be to pursue every opportunity that crosses your desk, there is a better way. Best practice tells us that the optimal course of action is to resist the pressure to respond to every single RFP and, instead, use an objective process to determine which RFPs are worth responding to.  

We can help with this decision-making process. Before going through the effort of compiling an RFP response, take advantage of our decision matrix to determine if the deal is worth pursuing. Our bid/no bid decision matrix weigh’s your organization’s capabilities, competitive advantage, resources, and capacity against the financial viability, scope of work, and other factors of the proposed project to help you come to a decision about whether to respond to the RFP.  

It’s Go Time 

If you decide to give an RFP the green light, the second section of our RFP Response Kit offers valuable guidance for creating RFP responses that win business. While each RFP is unique and your response needs to align with the specific requirements for each opportunity, we’ve provided an RFP response template with handy tips to guide you through the process. 

[Pro tip: if you’re looking for more templates for your response process, check out the QorusDocs Template Hub.] 

Your RFP response should showcase your understanding of your prospect’s needs and pain points while highlighting how your company’s solution can solve their problem. The QorusDocs proposal template includes guidance for compiling the Executive Summary, Response Locator Table, pricing, terms and conditions, and more.  

First Impressions Count 

Your RFP response is complete. Congratulations! Now don’t do all your hard work a disservice by sending a sloppy email submission. Make sure you take the time to write a professional and engaging email when you submit your proposal. The final section of our RFP Response Kit provides an email template that will help you craft an email that is sure to make a good impression on your prospective client. 

Always optimizing 

At QorusDocs, we’re consistently looking for ways to help you optimize your RFP response workflow. With this in mind, we’ve expanded and updated the free QorusDocs RFP Response Kit to help you make the best decisions and differentiate your organization to win more client business. To take your RFP response process to the next level, our proposal-loving team has: 

  • Expanded and refined the decision matrix to help you make the right decision about potential opportunities for your business. 
  • Provided tips to help you better tailor your responses that reflect the nuances of the needs of new vs. existing clients. 

  • Added best practice guidance to help you craft an Executive Summary that fully illustrates your understanding of and expertise about your client’s industry, business, and challenges.  

Grab your QorusDocs RFP Response Kit now and start spending your time strategically on the RFPs that will drive the greatest return. And don’t forget to check out the new QorusDocs QPilot to see how your organization can streamline the RFP response process to help you minimize repetitive tasks and spend more time fostering client relationships and optimizing billable hours.

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Published by Jennifer Tomlinson May 29, 2024
Jennifer Tomlinson