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How can you help your firm compete for new opportunities as efficiently and effectively as possible; and make the compliance burden more manageable and affordable?


How Marketing and Sales teams can create content effectively and efficiently. This eBook features commentary from Jen Sieger, Director of Worldwide Inside Sales at Microsoft, Dunya Riechelson, President at Allytics, and Natalie Steck, Senior VP of Global Sales at Qorus.


Companies around the world are seeking ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. Download our free guide on an agile approach to pitches and proposals.


How much chance do you really have when competing with incumbents? This eBook explores your chances and offers advice for using RFPs to differentiate your company amidst heavy competition.


To thrive in today’s tumultuous environment, healthcare insurance companies must find ways to deliver higher value at lower cost—and to achieve that, they need to first look inside their own organizations to root out wasteful processes and redundant efforts.


Modern marketing teams are working at break-neck speeds. We're innovating, testing and measuring - which means working productively is vital. Read this eBook to find out how to calculate your team's cost efficiency and how to improve it quickly.