The importance of defined processes within high-growth legal firms cannot be understated. Processes eliminate confusion and make important aspects of business, such as business development, predictable.

Predictability, however isn’t easy to master, especially if you don’t have the right tools to get the job done. 

Thankfully, business efficiency tools, like law firm proposal software, are available and have been proven to help legal firms shrink the time between the request for and submission of proposals.

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Breaking new ground with law firm proposal software

Building winning proposals isn’t easy work. There’s the back-and-forth with knowledge experts, the need to find information which is scattered across various storage systems (and user computers), and let’s not forget the proposal design process!

If these challenges sound anything like what you’re dealing with, and your firm is investigating the feasibility of new proposal software, then this blog post is for you. Here are five challenges law firm proposal software can help your firm conquer.

1. Producing proposal consumes too much time

As a bid manager, the balancing act is never over, but the load can be lessened with the use of proposal software.

For example, a challenge that we know the legal industry deals with daily is the production of elegantly designed proposals. Most firms use complex design tools which consume a considerable amount of time in the proposal production process.

Qorus Breeze customers produce proposals faster by using already designed templates which are preloaded into Breeze.

When your proposal is ready to be compiled, Breeze uses your templates to produce the finished document, without the need for any additional design work.

2. Collaboration isn’t easy

Obtaining expert insight to help produce the most effective proposal isn’t always an easy or straightforward task. You have to find the right time to connect with knowledge experts, wade through a long trail of emails to source information nuggets, and making sense of it all can be challenging. 

Proposal software should help you easily collaborate with your knowledge experts, no matter where they are in the world.

At Qorus, we’ve made sure that collaboration is easy to achieve. You can collaborate with anyone who has access to your proposal and give them the opportunity to work on specific sections of the document. Version control is no longer an issue and real-time co-authorship is possible.

3. Content updates are painful

How long does it take you to update your legal content?

If your firm is like most, then you’re likely at the mercy of regular content updates, and that means sifting through individual assets (websites and documents) to ensure that the next pitch or proposal has updated information.

Intelligent proposal software makes content updates simpler. For example, we’ve built an entire content update feature to help busy content managers never miss a beat. 

Qorus Breeze allows you to set reminders for knowledge experts to update content according to a review window of your choice. It also sends reminders to knowledge experts, and flags old content within your dashboard so you always know what requires attention.

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4. Finding content is a gamble

When you’re trying to meet a deadline and cannot find the right content fast enough, you know you have a serious problem.

The right proposal software can help shrink the time it takes to locate the perfect content. We help our clients find the best content fast by giving them the opportunity to search through their content libraries with keywords which return all relevant material. 

No more wasting time searching through shared network drives.

5. Your applications don’t speak to each other

Integrated technology is a must today. Your CRM must be able to talk to your email solution to ensure that you never lose track of important communication with clients. 

Likewise, your law firm proposal software should also be able to speak to other important technology your firm uses.

We’ve made it possible for Qorus Breeze to perform some very important integrations. For instance, you can integrate Qorus Breeze with applications like SiteCore and Thompson Reuters Elite Business Development Premier to help your firm manage large volumes of requests, regular content updates, and produce more professional documents in less time.

Qorus legal integrations

Another integration we’re especially proud of is our Office 365 Plugin. When you use Qorus to build proposals or presentations, you’re able to do so directly from Word or PowerPoint.

Our plugin interface is beautifully designed and so intuitive that even first-time users can easily start building proposals in minutes.

Proposal Being built in Word


Building effective law firm proposals is tough without the right tools. Law firm proposal software should help your firm drive more efficiency by decreasing the proposal production time, enabling seamless collaboration, making content updates and content location easy, and integrating with other business critical software.

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