It's the month of the love, so we thought we'd spend some time reminding all the over-worked, under-loved bid and proposal managers just why your job is so great...

1. You get to combine strategy with creativity

You work on big, complex bids that go through robust bid/no bid processes and require carefully thought-out win strategies.You control budgets, are involved in solution and pricing design, and present management reports.

And at the same time, you think about visuals, graphics, themes and fonts. You ensure that the content tells a story and that it appeals to people who will be reading it.

Being a bid or proposal manager is a great job because it helps you grow into a well-rounded thinker.

2. You work with an unusually wide range of people

Not many jobs put you in such a great position to work with so many different kinds of people. As a bid or proposal manager, you're working with project managers, writers, designers, product experts, customer support teams, financial teams, C-level executives and client-side procurement teams.

Each group is motivated by something different - and you need to know how to get the best from them. It isn't easy, but man is it rewarding!

3. You're the bridge between your business and its potential customers

Like the sales team, your team is responsible for ensuring that your company meets each potential client where they're at. You build bridges, tell stories and make sure that your prospects connect with your proposals.

You are able to understand and match their needs to your company's solutions, and you know just how to get the message across so that everyone wins.

4. You've got stellar communication skills

Communication is what it all boils down to. As the bid manager, it's up to you to ensure that everyone knows what's expected of them and when. You ensure that your company's value proposition is clear. You ensure that everyone is motivated and ready to contribute. 

This skill is one of the best you can develop - it will stand you well in all areas of work and life.

5. Your skills are future-proof

As a bid or proposal manager, you're developing a powerful set of skills that will work to your advantage in almost any other role: project management, people management, commercial understanding, strategic thinking and creative thinking to name just a few!

We hope this short list helps you rekindle that old flame - always remember that bid and proposal managers are awesome!

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