We recently took a look at what proposal management software is and who uses it.

You can read the full blog here, but as a quick recap:

  • Proposal management software automates the proposal or RFP process, making it more efficient for you.
  • It is used by those involved in the sales process, specialized bid and proposal teams, marketing, product teams, and financial representatives (essentially all the professionals involved in producing a winning document).

Now, we’re going to take it a little ‘closer to home’. What about you and your organization? Have you considered why your team should use proposal management software?

If you haven’t, keep reading because we’ll unpack the brilliant reasons you should do so. If you have and you’ve already decided that your team would benefit from using this software - well, keep reading too because we’ll discuss what exactly you should look for in proposal management software to be sure you get the best out of it.

Why your team should be using proposal management software

In many ways, RFP responses act as the face of your business. They need to be personalized and professional looking. But, we know that the process of compiling documents that tick those boxes can be grueling! Nobody wants to spend hours in the evenings or over weekends working on RFP responses.

Teams need to speed up the process, improve their productivity, and increase their win rates. And the best way to do that is to either create or grow an RFP team or to automate the RFP response process.

Great proposal management software enables you to:

  1. Get to the first draft faster by helping you to create the document really quickly, based off of a template.

  2. Track which content wins for you so you can reuse it.

  3. Collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) in a live document, while you’re building it out, so they can give input on the sections where they have the most knowledge.

  4. Store reusable content so that you can build up a content library and avoid having to go back to your past RFPs or ask your SMEs for help every time.

  5. Keep a single view of proposal projects so that you can:

    - Track progress
    - Assign tasks
    - Manage workloads

  6. Respond to a broader range of RFPs (and possibly win a higher number) thanks to automated steps that save about 50% of the time it would normally take to respond to an RFP.

Surely, if you weren’t before, you’re convinced now. If you’re still thinking about it, take a moment to watch this quick video from our CEO, Ray Meiring!

Now, let’s take a look at which features are must-haves in proposal management software.

What to look for in proposal management software

Responding to RFPs is complex and can be incredibly time consuming. So, the last thing your team wants is to have to learn a new user interface before being able to complete the RFP response.

This is why the proposal management software you select should be:

  1. Integrated with your environment (like Microsoft applications, for example), intuitive, and easy-to-use. In other words, it should work where you work.

  2. Customizable, allowing you to tailor fields captured for each project (since every organization has unique requirements), select data points to use in your proposals, and personalize your dashboard to show meaningful analytics.

  3. Automated so that you don’t waste time going through manual steps unnecessarily. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a critical piece of modern proposal management software as it recommends content, autofills large parts of your proposals, and allows you to easily search for the best answers to questions.

  4. Secure so you can be sure that your documents, content, and sensitive information are safeguarded. Choosing cloud environments like Microsoft Azure will give you confidence in your information security. Ultimately, you want to be sure you can trust your software.

If there’s more you’d like to know about what to look for in great proposal management software, watch our quick video below.

Why Qorus is the best proposal management software

In a nutshell, Qorus helps clients create high-value documents in a more efficient way - 5x faster, in fact.

Qorus has the capability to:

  1. Save your organization money. Get this - one of our clients estimates that they saved about $7.5 million within the first year of implementing Qorus!

  2. Empower your Sales team by giving them more time to spend in front of prospects and clients. That’s because Qorus automates a huge amount of the document creation process. It also gives you a view of which content your prospects are viewing within the document, enabling smarter follow ups.

  3. Secure your data. Qorus runs on the Microsoft Azure platform, one of the most secure cloud platforms available. Qorus also supports single sign-on so you don’t have to supply your own username and password to access the tool.

We’re committed to giving you the support you need to get the most out of our software. We have a number of self-help videos and articles to guide you on your way when dealing with complex scenarios. Having said that, Qorus enjoys a high adoption rate because it’s easy to use!

Hear more directly from Ray in our video, below.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or to try out our demo.

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