Proposal-tools.jpgWe can’t imagine life without document productivity solutions – and fortunately, with the ever-increasing number of online tools on the market, we’ll never have to. They simplify everyday tasks and help us get more done in less time. Here are a few of our favorite proposal tools:

Qorus for Office 365

Office 365 has some great document collaboration features. We think it’s ‘office automation’ at its finest. Not only does it offer email, file and document management in the cloud, but it also allows multiple people to work on the same document at once. Did you know that Qorus offers great productivity enhancing add-ins for Office 365? They reduce the effort and cost of generating business-critical documents, while significantly improving compliance and governance.


It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re drafting documents like pitches and proposals. We agree with Peter Drucker, ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure.’ Toggl is an easy-to-use timesheet app for tracking work hours in real time. All the time logs are synced to the cloud and you can use it even when you’re out of Wi-Fi or mobile coverage areas. Toggl boosts productivity, helps you define priorities and gives you an instant overview of your billable time and team progress. It also integrates with over 50 other online tools, which is especially helpful for bid managers.


There are 42 unread emails looming in your inbox and you feel obligated to check every one of them. 2 % of them were worth reading and only 1 % required a response. Sound familiar? According to a study from Adobe Systems, the average worker spends around 30 hours a week checking email. Slack is a communication app designed to reduce email time. It allows you to send messages to the appropriate people and prioritize what’s important and work-related. You can also create groups for different teams and create a direct-message thread with up to 9 people – this feature will allow you to set up a group around the proposal, rather than emailing about it.   

Qorus' proposal management solution

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we use the Qorus proposal management solution when creating standard pitches and proposals and responding to RFPs. It saves a lot of time and simplifies the process of getting subject matter experts to collaborate. Our proposal tool has a powerful content library that you can use for storing sales collateral, frequently-asked RFP questions and supporting documents. It allows team members to work on the same proposal document in real-time, at the same time. It also enables whoever is coordinating the bid to track progress, allocate questions and record all bid documents.

Sometimes a break is all you need

Bid teams work hard and we think they deserve a break from time to time. Taking a break and refueling is one of the biggest secrets of productivity. So if you feel guilty about ‘slacking off’, think of it as an efficient productivity booster. We like visiting sites like Buzzfeed and ClickHole for some comic relief. If you’re looking for something a bit more interactive, Draw a Stickman is a fun way to take your mind off work for a bit. Otherwise, you can listen to a funny podcast. Check out this list on Paste Magazine for some of the funniest podcasts of the year.

The right proposal tools can really maximize efficiency,  which in turn, simplifies the entire process. Which tools do you use?

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your proposal process, download our Proposal Processes Guide.


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