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QorusDocs in Action: Axon

The QorusDocs AI-powered proposal management and RFP response software has been adopted by organizations from across various industries—managed IT providers, professional services firms, manufacturing enterprises, tech providers—to automate the creation of personalized pitches, presentations, proposals, and RFP responses. Our solution has helped countless business development, sales, marketing, and proposal teams streamline collaboration, increase efficiency and accuracy, and boost win rates—and we couldn’t be more delighted!

We recognize that the proof is in the pudding so we love sharing Customer Success Stories to highlight how companies have transformed their proposal management and RFP response process with QorusDocs. Let’s take a look at how QorusDocs’ helped drive collaboration, accelerate the response process, and ensure brand control for public safety technology provider, Axon Enterprises.

Who is Axon?

On a mission to protect life by cutting gun-related deaths between police and the public by 50% before 2033, Axon is a technology leader in global public safety. Axon’s ecosystem of state-of-the-art technology, innovative tools, and intuitive software is transforming the way officers and agencies process information, serve their community, and save lives.

Axon provides fully-integrated products—TASER energy weapons, connected body-worn cameras, in-car cameras, evidence management cloud platform—designed to help first responders (e.g., law enforcement, EMS, fire), and corrections, civilian and defense departments and agencies in the U.S. and around the world work efficiently, actively, and transparently.

What challenges did Axon face?

  • Rapid growth (tripled in size since 2019)

  • 14 proposal team members + 300 collaborators across the enterprise required access to content

  • Lack of centralized content hindered productivity, efficiency, and accuracy

  • Legacy proposal management system unable to keep pace with intense content management demands

  • Poor brand control and limited data insights

Axon required a customizable proposal management solution, seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, that could transform its content management process with a centralized content hub to create a single source of truth. The technology provider also required robust, data-driven reporting tools to track and continuously improve its sales response activities.

How did Axon solve its content management challenges?

Integrated with Salesforce, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft PowerBI, and Microsoft 365, QorusDocs’ AI-powered proposal management software simplified, automated, and personalized the creation of Axon’s proposals and RFP responses by using the most up-to-date content from a single source of truth and combining the most effective content from Axon’s winning proposals with QorusDocs data-driven content recommendations.

“I see QorusDocs as being a single source of truth, not only for our team, but for other teams, whether that's marketing, tech writing, sales. By enabling us to aggregate, organize, and control our content, QorusDocs protects our content—and by extension, our company. At the same time, QorusDocs offers people easy access to reliable content, fosters trusted collaboration, and drives efficiency through our proposal process.”

Estevan Torres, Senior Technical Proposal Writer
Axon Enterprise Inc.

What impact did QorusDocs have on Axon’s operations?

  • Productivity boost — Axon can create more proposals in less time with access to pre-approved, branded content at its fingertips.

  • Greater operational efficiency —Salesforce and Microsoft SharePoint integration and an embedded Microsoft 365 experience streamlines creation of proposals and sales documents.

  • Single source of truth — Centralized content hub amalgamates Axon’s large collection of content assets in one place for easy access, improved accuracy, and consistent brand control.

  • Data-driven decision-making — Built-in engagement measurement tools and Microsoft PowerBI integration optimize customer follow-up communications and sales tracking and planning activities.

To find out more details of how Axon optimized its content management process with QorusDocs proposal management software to transform the proposal and RFP response workflow, check out the full success story.

Published by Jennifer Tomlinson August 29, 2023
Jennifer Tomlinson