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QorusDocs in Action: Am Law 100 Law Firm

Organizations from across various industries—professional services firms, managed IT providers, manufacturing enterprises, tech providers—have adopted QorusDocs AI-powered proposal management and RFP response software to automate the creation of personalized pitches, presentations, proposals, and RFP responses. We’re pleased to report that our solution has helped countless proposal, business development, sales, and marketing teams streamline collaboration and boost efficiency and accuracy to amplify win rates and increase revenue.  

We love sharing Customer Success Stories to illustrate how companies have transformed their proposal management and RFP response process with QorusDocs. Let’s take a look at how a large global Am Law 100 law firm implemented QorusDocs to automate, simplify, and accelerate its pitch and proposal process. 

What challenges did this large top-tier law firm face? 

With thousands of clients, a substantial dedicated pitch team, and large business development team across global operations, this Am Law 100 law firm was experiencing huge demand for its proposal services.  

  • 1,000s of pitches annually across global client base  
  • Reliant on manual processes for organizing, updating, and managing vast quantities of evolving content 
  • Lack of centralized content  
  • Limited data insights into proposal process
  • Needed to solve for partner biographies without giving responsibility to the pitch team 

Our Am Law 100 law firm client required an automated proposal management solution, seamlessly integrated with its CRM, that could transform its content management process through a central repository of content and templates to drive efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. The firm was looking for ways to scale its proposal process and ensure best practices were employed consistently throughout the pitch cycle, whether developing high-value, complex proposals or creating simpler “self-serve” pitches. 

How did the firm solve its content management challenges? 

As part of its enterprise-wide digital transformation efforts, the large global law firm replaced its inefficient process of manually creating pitch documents in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint (and storing in Microsoft SharePoint) with QorusDocs’ AI-powered proposal management software.  

QorusDocs, integrated with the firm’s CRM system, automated and streamlined pitch and proposal creation by eliminating the need to search for information across a collection of disparate, disconnected data repositories. As a result, the pitch team increased efficiency and improved the quality of response documents with approved, accurate, and up-to-date content.  

Plus, QorusDocs’ built-in measurement tools provide powerful, data-driven pitch insights and reports that help the law firm track proposal activities and client engagement to improve its near-term decision-making and long-term forecasting. 

“With QorusDocs, we’ve vastly improved the consistency and quality of our pitches and proposals. Searching for content is easier and productivity has improved. In fact, the central repositories, templates, and built-in branding have been gamechangers for us.” 

Senior Executive 
Top Tier Law Firm Pitch Team 

What impact did QorusDocs have? 

Our client, a large global Am Law 100 law firm, automated, simplified, and accelerated its pitch and proposal process with AI-powered QorusDocs proposal management software. Integrated with the firm’s CRM system, the cloud-based solution helped the pitch team ramp up efficiency and productivity, leverage a central content hub to improve collaboration and ensure accurate and engaging proposals, and track business value across global operations and multiple areas of law using detailed insights and data-driven reporting. 

  • Greater productivity — The AI-powered QorusDocs solution automates, accelerates, and simplifies pitch creation across geographically-dispersed team members to save countless hours and wasted effort.  

  • Single source of truth — Centralized content hub brings together the firm’s vast volume of content assets in one place for easy access, improved accuracy, and consistent brand control. 

  • Outstanding support + easy to use – Simple, intuitive user experience for the pitch team generated positive feedback and a 70% adoption rate to date. Top-notch support and service from QorusDocs eased any potential hurdles during the implementation process. 

  • Streamlined collaboration — Pitch team can collaborate efficiently across the firm’s global offices to create professional proposals without leaving the familiar Microsoft Office applications or their CRM. 

To find out more details of how this large Am Law 100 global law firm transformed its pitch process and optimized content management workflow with QorusDocs AI-powered proposal management software, read the full success story.  

With law firms experiencing a 10% year-over-year increase in direct expenses, many firms are looking for ways to cut costs, increase billable work opportunities, and streamline operations. If your firm is facing similar challenges, we’re here to help. Get access to information and tools to transform your pitch process in the QorusDocs Professional Services Resources Hub, an extensive collection of resources curated specifically for the unique needs of law firms and other professional services organizations.

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Published by Jennifer Tomlinson November 2, 2023
Jennifer Tomlinson