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Proposal Management Software Award Winners… Again!

Bring on the champagne! We’re trying not to get a big head but we’re chuffed to announce that we’re winners—AGAIN! After riding the high of winning the 2023 SoftwareReviews’ Gold Medal award in the Proposal Management Software category (beating out 25 other vendors to rank #1), QorusDocs has done it again.  

Each year, SoftwareReviews (a division of Info-Tech Research Group) presents the Emotional Footprint Awards to top-performing software products, based solely on authentic user reviews, without any paid placements or analyst opinions. These awards shine a spotlight on software vendors who excel in crafting and nurturing strong customer relationships. 

Well, that spotlight is shining brightly on QorusDocs this year. We are the 2024 Emotional Footprint Champions! We’re gratified to learn how much QorusDocs users are raving about our software; it’s such a rewarding testament to the innovative work we do here every day to transform the response workflow for bid and proposal professionals around the world.

Users love qorusdocs

How do our users feel about QorusDocs in 2024? They like us, they really like us.  

  • 94% likeliness to recommend

  • 98% product experience and 100% service experience 

  • 97% strategy and innovation

  • 100% plan to renew

To learn more about why QorusDocs is the #1 choice in proposal management software, check out the complete analysis of all of SoftwareReviews’ category ratings (e.g., features, vendor capabilities, net emotional footprint), including user reviews, that informed the 2024 Emotional Footprint Awards. 

Now let’s take a moment to look back at our proud moment last year when SoftwareReviews honored QorusDocs with the Gold Medal Award in the Data Quadrant Report for Proposal Management for 2023.   

Each year, SoftwareReviews’ Data Quadrant Awards recognize outstanding software providers in the technology marketplace—based on user feedback from IT and business professionals—and we’re pleased as punch that our hard work has paid off. The QorusDocs team has worked tirelessly to make our platform the highest-performing proposal management software out there so please indulge us while we take a moment to brag about our accomplishments. 😉 

Best in category 

Of the top seven vendors in the Proposal Management category (26 companies evaluated in total), QorusDocs ranked the highest (8.4/10) in overall satisfaction. In other words, when SoftwareReviews analyzed user feedback on Product Features, Vendor Capabilities, Likeliness to Recommend, and Net Emotional Footprint (measuring users’ emotional response, e.g., trustworthy, respectful, fair), QorusDocs came out on top.  

Proposal Management DQ Image

“Vendor Capability” aka We get it done! 

QorusDocs had the second highest overall score (85%) in the Vendor Capability category, ranking #1 in both Vendor Support (96%) and Availability and Quality of Training (92%).  

Product Reviews-01

Product Reviews-02

We also took home high marks for specific vendor capabilities such as:  

  • Business Value Created (88% vs 84% average) – Users agree that QorusDocs consistently creates value for employees, customers, partners, and ultimately shareholders. 
  • Ease of Data Integration (89% vs 83% average) – Say goodbye to systems integration headaches with QorusDocs. 
  • Quality of Features (85% vs 82% average scores) – Does QorusDocs follow through by doing what it promises to do, easily, intuitively, reliably and effectively? You bet!  
  • Product Strategy and Innovation (83%) – You can count on us to stay on top of emerging needs and trends to help you meet your business goals. 

Maximize your ROI

Let’s talk features 

QorusDocs has a host of impressive product features—and users are loving them! No surprise to us (I mean, proposals and response documents are our raison d’être, after all), QorusDocs took home the highest honor for Proposals and SOWs in the Mandatory Feature category, scoring 94%.  

This top accolade means SoftwareReviews’ research confirmed that QorusDocs is the best at managing “monetary RFP proposals and statements of work (SOWs) that track and outline project deliverables between buyers and sellers.” Consider our horn tooted. 

Product Reviews-03

When it comes to Standard Product Features, QorusDocs came head of the pack (93%) for Content Residency, meaning we’re highly skilled at helping you store your content, e.g., on your own Microsoft 365 instance. We’re also recognized as Top Product for Redlining (92%), which means users think QorusDocs is the best proposal management software for redlining documents, with version control across various documents. 

Product Reviews-04

Product Reviews-05

We truly excelled in the Standard Product Features category, getting top ratings for: 

  • Contract Management (92% vs. average score of 83%)  
  • Pricing Estimate (92% vs. average score of 79%) 
  • Document Management (90% vs. average score of 85%) 
  • Integrations (90% vs. average score of 85%) 

"Proposal management software is an important tool for businesses of all sizes, helping them to increase revenue by streamlining the proposal process and creating more persuasive proposals. Amidst a highly competitive landscape, businesses must evaluate their requirements before settling on a solution. Congratulations to the QorusDocs team." 

Ben Dickie, Research Director, Applications - Enterprise Applications, Info-Tech Research Group   

Commitment to innovation 

SoftwareReviews’ Data Quadrant on proposal management shows that QorusDocs ranks in the 80th and 90th percentile in 10 categories. Can we get a “Heck, yeah!”? Whether examining the quality of our exhaustive list of features and capabilities or the ease of customization and data integration with QorusDocs, these findings highlight our dedication to providing state-of-the-art, innovative proposal software to our customers. We take the job of helping streamline, simplify, and accelerate our customers’ day-to-day workflow very seriously. And we’re pleased that this Gold Medal award recognizes our dedication to serving our customers at the highest level. 

The results speak for themselves. Did you know that SoftwareReviews’ Buyer Experience Report released in June 2023 revealed that 100% of QorusDocs users say the RFP software is critical to their business success? In fact, QorusDocs earned an average score of 96/100 for strategy and innovation experience, scoring 100% in the “Continually Improving” and “Helps Innovate” categories. Looking ahead, we’ll be continuing to serve our customers by expanding our software’s AI capabilities to address their ongoing needs. Stay tuned! 

To get a full picture of what makes QorusDocs’ AI-powered proposal management software stand out from the crowd, check out Info-Tech/SoftwareReviews’ 2024 Emotional Footprint Award, 2023 Data Quadrant Report for Proposal Management, and 2023 Buyer Experience Report: Proposal Management Software.  

Ready to add AI-powered proposal management software to your tech stack? Be prepared with the must-ask questions to guide your selection process: 11 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing Generative AI Proposal Software.  

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Published by Jennifer Tomlinson May 15, 2024
Jennifer Tomlinson