As we wrap up 2018, we're sharing our most-read articles, as determined by our readers. This year's top bid & proposal posts were:

1. Five reasons to love being a bid or proposal manager 

Our most popular blog post of the year was the one we wrote in February. It was the month of the love, so we thought we'd spend some time reminding all the over-worked, under-loved bid and proposal managers just why your job is so great...

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2. The power of content templates: How to streamline content management 

Working smarter always beats working harder. But it isn't always easy to create the type of environment where people are empowered to work smart. How do you make time to improve processes when deadlines are tight and people are over-worked?

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3. A 7-point proposal checklist for winning over evaluators

We’re crazy about checklists because they make the most complex of processes easy to complete. And if you’re a bid and proposal professional, you can relate. Proposals take time to produce and if they aren’t compelling enough they are less likely to be successful. We’ve therefore created a basic proposal checklist to help you deliver your most effective proposals yet.

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4. 5 ways to position your bid team as a strategic resource

It’s no secret that bid teams don’t receive much recognition. In some businesses they are seen as a kind of admin team or extension thereof. In truth, bid team members are the unsung heroes of business development. They work hard to put together compelling proposals that help sales close deals and ultimately make organizations successful.

Should you bother positioning your team? We think yes.

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5. How does Qorus compare with other proposal software?

Are you ready to compare proposal software? Wondering how Qorus stacks up against competitors?

This is a question our sales team gets asked all the time, so we've added it to our FAQ blog series. Here's a quick summary of how Qorus compares to other proposal software providers.

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