Brilliant content is powerful. It can be used to build a positive brand image, win over prospects, and to close more deals.

Marketing teams spend a lot of time, effort, research, energy and heaps of creativity crafting content that wins.

But to truly see that content (and its power) in action, Sales teams need to have access to it at their fingertips.

Winning content – lost and wasted!

We’re sure you’re familiar with the picture: You spend ages perfecting content that never gets used by Sales. Truthfully, you’re not sure how much of your content (if any) they’ve used in the last six months.

And when they are looking for a specific piece of content, they ask you for it over and over because they can’t find what they’re looking for – or they just end up using unapproved content!

Come to think of it, you’re also not sure whether the (approved) content that Sales has used has helped them win any deals, or which content is of most value to clients.

Content chaos is costing your business

According to stats shared by HubSpot, misalignment between these departments’ technologies and processes costs B2B companies 10% of revenue or more per year.

Conversely, when Sales and Marketing teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates.

How can you add value and generate ROI if you have no insight?

It’s time to combat content chaos and encourage data-driven dialogue between Sales and Marketings’ efforts.

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Get in sync: Create, collaborate on, and track content without leaving Office

We created Qorus Content Hub to help combat content chaos.

With Qorus Content Hub, you can build winning content in Word or PowerPoint, save it to your content library and tailor it by connecting it to your favorite content management systems (like SharePoint, OneDrive, CRM and more).

The best part? You can give the Sales team instant access – directly from the Office applications – Outlook, Word, PowerPoint – they’re working on.

Deliver the best content for every sales situation (and prove its value)

Qorus Content Hub puts your brilliant content at the fingertips of your Salespeople. They can even tailor the content to their clients’ needs themselves.

Most importantly, you can find out what your clients really think.

That’s because Qorus tracks content engagement. This enables you to see exactly how prospects are engaging with your content, giving you valuable insight into who and what is closing deals.

You can also use the information to plan and prioritize content creation, improve ineffective content, and to prove your team’s value by tracking the great ROI you get on the content you produce.

An example

Let’s suppose that a major prospect has requested some additional information on your company’s successes from your Sales team. The Sales team knows that with the right supporting information, they can close the deal.

It just so happens that you recently put together some really convincing content alongside the most recent stats detailing your company’s successes – info that would really impress the prospect!

Before your company started using Qorus Content Hub, this content might have become lost in a cluttered, outdated filing system. But, with Qorus, your colleague in the Sales team opens the PowerPoint document he was working on, and uses Qorus to do a quick search for the information he needs. In just a couple of minutes, he puts together an impressive overview of your company’s successes and hits send.

The prospect was super impressed by his turnaround time and the brilliant content – it seems likely that they’ll sign the deal! Your colleague was just as impressed by your work and you both look forward to celebrating the great team effort.

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