While there has historically never been a great deal of change in the processes of the legal industry, since the turn of the century this has been changing. Law firms are realizing that the risk of adopting innovative processes and of using new technology has become inverted. There is now a greater risk for those who refuse to update their processes or think innovatively about how to improve their services. 

Here are a few ways that marketing technologies are changing the legal landscape.

There’s focus on the consumer experience.

A law firm’s clients are more demanding than ever before. They have information readily available to them from online resources and, occasionally, dedicated in-house counsels. As such, they understand exactly what they want, when they want it and what they are paying for. This forces transparency and clarity, giving each client a competitive deal.

By using technology to make a law firm’s internal processes more efficient, the benefit directly translates into responding quicker to a client’s needs. Customer relationship management (CRM) software has brought how law firms manage information about clients and potential clients into the 21st century. Effectively managing client relationships means more productive marketing initiatives. There is, therefore, a considerable crossover between CRM software and modern marketing technologies.

There’s greater control over your online reputation.

Reputation is everything for a law firm when it comes to getting the attention of prospective clients, so it’s no wonder that developments in brand and reputation management technology directly apply to many of their processes. Law firms are increasingly using the internet to find new prospects, and as such need to manage their online reputation carefully. This means not only keeping your firm’s website and social media up to date, professional and relevant but also using online reputation management systems.

Legal firms can now use comprehensive marketing technologies to track how they are being talked about around the web. This gives greater clarity over what a prospective client will find when they inevitably do their own research into the firm and makes it easier to craft an impressive online presence. Inbound marketing technologies are therefore also changing the legal landscape, as legal firms create specialized blogs and content to attract new leads.

Key processes are being automated.

Perhaps the most efficient and direct way that innovative marketing technologies are changing the legal landscape is through document automation and proposal management software. Your online reputation is only part of the firm’s greater reputation, experienced passively by people who aren’t necessarily key decision makers. It is through your proposals that prospective clients receive their first real impression of your firm, and as such they need to be consistently comprehensive and professional. Proposal automation guarantees just that. 

With automation technology that’s available today, legal firms can generate personalized proposals that draw on live data straight from their CRM. This keeps them accurate and up to date, with minimal room for human error. Proposal management software means you can generate more high-quality proposals than ever before while having time to focus on legal processes that demand your attention.

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