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How Proposal Software Helps Professional Services Win More Clients

As a professional services organization, you know that everything comes down to the client and the client’s needs. To win business, you need to thoroughly know your client’s industry and business, understand their pain points, and convey this knowledge via personalized proposals, RFP responses, and pitches. 

Keep in mind that clients seeking professional services are investing in your people and your expertise and, as a result, they need more education and reassurance than buyers searching for a physical product. For example, when purchasing computer hardware, buyers can simply compare features, specs, and price to guide their decision-making. Conversely, comparing and selecting a professional services organization is much more nuanced.  

To engage clients and gain their trust, professional services firms need to take that extra step to educate potential clients, assuage concerns, and share relevant and helpful content that addresses fears and potential objections. Your pitch documents must reassure prospects that you not only fully understand their challenges, but that the professional services your team offers can solve their problem. 

Evaluate your pitch process 

With a lot riding on your proposals, RFP responses, and other pitch documents, you need to ask yourself a few questions:  

  1. Do you consistently win new client business—and retain existing clients—with professional, customized documents? 
  2. Is your pitch process quick, accurate, and free from collaboration roadblocks? 
  3. Are you leveraging proposal management software to accelerate, streamline, and personalize your responses? 
  4. Are you able to consistently maximize billable hours and maintain cash flow? 

Proposal software changes the professional
services game 

We understand that engaging new clients—and serving your existing clients—is priority number one. With proposal management software on your side, you can eliminate inefficient, time-consuming manual processes and spend more time with your clients (and increase billable hours). Simplifying the pitch process using proposal software helps you create personalized proposals, RFP responses, pitches, and SOWs that both demonstrate the value you bring and keep new business coming through the door. 

Proposal software also offers built-in-measurement tools that provide real-time insights into how clients interact with your proposals, RFP responses, and pitches. By understanding how long prospects stay on each page of your document, what they click on, and what they share in real time, you can gauge their interests and priorities, and tailor future interactions based on real data. 

Plus, intelligent AI-driven proposal automation software, like QorusDocs, is quick to implement, easy to integrate into your current systems, and requires minimal staff training—getting your team back in front of clients where they belong.  

Proposal software in action 

We’ve witnessed firsthand the amazing benefits of proposal software for professional services organizations with QorusDocs clients like ManpowerGroup, the third largest staffing firm in the world.  

ManpowerGroup automated and accelerated its critical response process to manage an increasing volume of RFPs with the help of QorusDocs’ proposal management software. The staffing firm was able to focus on critical relationship-building activities and client support, instead of impeding client acquisition and retention efforts with an inefficient and cumbersome pitch process.  

Check out the case study or watch the full conversation between leaders of ManpowerGroup, QorusDocs, and Highspot to learn more about how ManpowerGroup streamlined its content management and automated the RFP response process to build a scalable and predictable revenue engine. 

The professional services guide to proposal management you’ve been looking for 

At QorusDocs, we’ve got your back. We recognize the challenges professional services organizations face and understand the importance of a streamlined, frictionless pitch process. To this end, we’ve put together a Pocket Guide to Proposal Management for Professional Services that outlines the basics of using proposal software to help you optimize your response process to win more client business and meet revenue targets. Plus, we’ve got ready-to-use templates for several pitch documents—including this handy Proposal Template for Professional Services—to make your life easier!  

Download your guide now and get on the path to creating customized pitch documents that resonate with clients, while effortlessly managing complex, multi-level projects—without the administrative headaches, wasted time, or collaboration pitfalls. 

Professional Services Pocket Guide

Published by Jennifer Tomlinson June 14, 2022
Jennifer Tomlinson