Everyones talking about sales enablement at the moment, and for good reason. All things being equal, the more competitive your market, the more important your sales enablement process. In fact, it could become one of your biggest differentiators when it comes to winning more business. 

That’s because, no matter how good your sales reps currently are, the right sales enablement process will make them even better. Giving them instant access to the information and tools they need to succeed will help them close more deals, faster. 

It’s all about removing the internal barriers that hinder client interactions and delay the buying process.  

One of the biggest barriers is access to good sales content. Many sales teams simply can’t find the content they need to nurture and close deals in a productive manner. They also have no insight into how their prospects are interacting with key content like pricing information, pitches, proposals and RFPs. 

We built the Qorus sales enablement platform to address both of these challenges. 

Here’s how it works. 

Create, collaborate on, and share sales content without leaving your Office applications  

Qorus is built into Microsoft 365. This means that you can access it directly from the icon that will appear in the top right corner of the ribbon of the Outlook, Word and PowerPoint toolbars. Clicking on the icon takes you straight to your sales content library, where powerful features help you locate, preview and insert content instantly.   

You can then use Qorus to quickly personalize your content by using the platform’s smart rules and fields and connecting it to data in your CRM systemIf you want to, you can easily invite sales, marketing, proposal or channel collaborators to add to, edit and review your document in real time. 

Qorus Content Hub icon

The Qorus Content Hub icon appears in your Office application ribbons 


Once your content is ready to go, simply send it to your prospect and wait for them to engage.  

Learn how your customers are engaging with your content  

This is where things get interesting! 

Now that your prospect has received your content, you can use Qorus’ new Share & Track feature to find out what they’re doing with it. You can see how often they have opened and shared it, what they’re spending time reading, and what they’re clicking on.  

Qorus Content Hub dashboard

You can see exactly how your clients engage with your content in the Qorus dashboard. 


This creates a powerful feedback loop that can tell you how interested a potential buyer is and give you great insight into their propensity to buy. Now you have a good reason to call them, as well as a good idea of how well received your content was.  

You’ll also learn which content they value the most – information that can be used to guide your sales and marketing content strategies so that your teams continue to create more of the content that wins. 

Your content library will grow increasingly effective and your sales team will be able to close deals faster, both of which will help you increase revenue – which is the ultimate goal of sales enablement. 

An example 

Let’s imagine that you send a prospect some collateral and a proposal for a solution during the last week of the quarter. They have the budget and want to move ahead but are being guarded about their decision and you aren’t sure whether you’ll close the deal.  

You log in to Qorus Share & Track and see that they opened the proposal straight away and viewed the pricing page, then they viewed the technical content you customized for their environment, before they revisited the pricing page. This suggests to you that they are unsure about how the solution would work in their environment. 

You give them a call to touch base and ask if they have any questions. You use the opportunity to reiterate how the solution will work in their environment, and you let them know that you will be following up with additional technical documentation.  

You then create a custom document from a selection of technical documents stored in Qorus, and send this to the client. 


Watch: See how your prospects interact with sales content 

Here’s a short video that explains exactly how the Share & Track feature works. 



Microsoft partner? Use Qorus to access Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) content instantly 

Microsoft is currently offering the Qorus Content Hub as a no-cost sales enablement benefit to help partners navigate and use MPN content productively. 

You can learn more and sign up for the Qorus Content Hub by visiting: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/reach-customers/qorus-content-hub 

Microsoft distributor? Use Qorus to empower your downstream partners  

Qorus is helping several major distributors to digitize and streamline their partner enablement processes.   

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