We’re delighted to introduce you to our new Executive Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Tomlinson. 

Jennifer spent 15 years at Microsoft, where she helped global channel companies scale by optimizing their marketing practices. Qorus has worked closely with Jennifer and her team for several years, and we’re thrilled to have her on board. She leads worldwide marketing as we continue to grow. 

To help you get to know her better, we asked Jennifer a few questions about herself… 

Firstly Jennifer, please tell us a bit about yourself. 

Jennifer: Sure! I’m from the Midwest USA, I was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Ohio. I came to Seattle 20 years ago when I started working at Ford (more about that later), and though I didn’t plan to stay forever, I found my way into business school and then met my husband at a Mariners game. The rest is history! We have been married for 12 years and have two boys who are six and nine. We enjoy spending time together and are quite a sporty family. My hobbies include walking, yoga, pilates, cooking, trying new pizza places and hanging out with my boys. 

You mentioned starting out at Ford Motor Company, how did that come about and how has it shaped your career? 

Jennifer: I have always been drawn to customer-facing jobs. Even in high school, I worked as a waitress, sold radio station ads, and was a video store clerk. Then I studied business at college and started out in marketing and sales at Ford Motor Company. This was a channel company, and I really liked the idea of motivating other companies to build and bet on your company. After completing an MBA at the University of Washington, I worked at various corporates and startups before I landed at Microsoft. 

My time in Seattle allowed me to meet many interesting people in the tech world. I discovered that it’s a great industry to work in, with lots of energy and varied types of work. I also built a great business network in the area.  

What attracted you to Qorus?  

Jennifer: The people! I met  the CEO, Ray Meiring and SVP of Alliances, Michelle Revsbech, years ago when Ray first moved to the US from South Africa. I love that the team is friendly, curious, funny, and truly interested in solving problems for their clients. 

What are some of your goals in the next few years?  

Jennifer: I want people to get to know the personal side of Qorus - the wonderful employees and clients who are loyal and devoted fans.  

Of course, the company is on a growth path and we will need to work hard to maintain some of the good things about start-up culture. The solutions that Qorus develops are applicable to so many businesses that need to optimize sales and marketing operations and effectiveness. I’m excited to help build brand awareness and help our potential customers understand how Qorus technology can help them grow and scale.

Are there any challenges that you think others in your position would identify with?  

Jennifer: A lot has changed since I first learned about marketing, but the fundamentals are the same. The way people buy might have changed, but listening never goes out of fashion! 

My favorite thing to do is to talk with our customers and industry peers and learn from them. They share key information that puts us steps ahead in our learning. I did this at Microsoft with our wonderful partners, and I highly recommend it. It helps you clarify your value to customers. 

Any tips for other leaders taking on a new role in a company?  

Jennifer: Maybe I can share more tips at the end of the year! One thing I would encourage is that you not be afraid to disrupt or offer a new viewpoint. You come in from the outside just once, and the ideas and views you have can be really helpful to a company that’s growing and scaling.  

Jennifer joins our US team in Seattle and is responsible for our global marketing efforts. Welcome to the team!

You can connect with Jennifer on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifersiddalltomlinson/