I have fallen in love with podcasts and audio books this year!

Things change so fast in our industry that continuous learning is vital. But my busy job and big family make it difficult to set aside time to read sales and marketing books or watch long videos. So I am grateful that audio formats allow me to learn during 'dead' time like when I'm in the car, waiting at the airport, or sitting on a plane. I can even listen while I run or workout.

I have a few favorites to share with you, including these, my top sales enablement podcasts:

1. Growth Marketing Toolbox

The Growth Marketing Toolbox is a fantastic podcast hosted by Nicholas Scalice, Founder & Growth Marketing Consultant of Earnworthy. Earnworthy is a growth marketing consultancy based in Florida, specializing in landing page design, A/B testing, and conversion optimization.

I love this podcast because every few weeks there's a new episode that explores growth marketing tools and technology. It is also a great opportunity to learn about different businesses,  and hear from other business leaders in terms of what they are doing to grow, not to mention all the great resources, books, podcasts and tools from the various guests.

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2. Sales Pipeline Radio

Sales Pipeline Radio is brought to you by Heinz Marketing and is hosted by Matt Heinz, the award-winning blogger and popular speaker. Matt is President and Founder of Heinz Marketing with 20 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from a variety of organizations, including Amazon, Seagate, Morgan Stanley, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and many others. Matt is passionate about B2B business, and covers topics such as demand generation, pipeline management, sales enablement, content strategy, marketing technology and more.  He is also the author of a number of books and has a newsletter subscription of more than 80,000 subscribers.

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3. SaaStr

This is a great resource for anyone in SaaS. SaaStr calls itself the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs. They create great content in their "Academy" program, including podcasts for companies on a fast growth trajectory.

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4. Predictable Revenue Podcast

Aaron Ross is a sales influencer and an expert in outbound sales, he is best known for
his book Predictable Revenue. Together with Jason Lemkin, Aaron also wrote the book From Impossible To Inevitable: How Hyper-Growth Companies Create Predictable Revenue.

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5. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk is a Belarusian American entrepreneur, author, speaker and internet personality. He rose to fame as a wine critic who grew his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million. In this podcast he talks all things tech, entrepreneurship, media and culture.

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6. B2B Growth

This is another firm favorite of mine and excellent podcast series, hosted by James Carbary and Logan Lyles of SweetFishMedia.  SweetFish Media produce podcasts for B2B brands. 

B2B Growth is a daily podcast dedicated to helping B2B executives achieve explosive growth. It is packed full of relevant and practical information, resources and tools. Definitely worth listening!

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7. #FlipMyFunnel

#FlipMyFunnel was brought to life out of a realization in 2015 by Sangram Vajre, Co-founder and Chief Evangelist at Terminus, that the traditional lead-based funnel was inefficient for driving real revenue.

He decided to challenge the status quo of traditional B2B marketing practices and transform how B2B marketers approached driving revenue in their organization. Nearly three years later, over 7,000 believers tune in to his podcasts for all things account-based marketing.

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8. Accelerate! with Andy Paul

Andy Paul is the Founder of The Sales House & Host of "Accelerate! with Andy Paul".

Once a week, Andy interviews the world’s foremost sales minds and extraordinarily
interesting people like Jeffrey Gitomer, Robert Cialdini, Jill Konrath, Anthony Iannarino and
Tim Sanders -- to uncover the strategies and insights you can use to generate massive value for
your customers and epic wins for you. Whether you’re a sales leader, AE, AM, SDR, CEO, or entrepreneur, YOU want to generate better leads, close more sales and grow your accounts, and Accelerate! is the preeminent podcast for fast breakthroughs.  

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9. The Growth Show from HubSpot

I love how insightful and practical HubSpot's content is and I am a regular at their annual Inbound conferences, so I was pleased to discover the Growth Show podcast.

As you'd expect from HubSpot, it's got inspiring stories from companies that are challenging the status quo.

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10. GROWTH everywhere

Eric Siu is a popular speaker, blogger and founder of digital marketing agency Single Grain. He creates fantastic content and regularly interviews marketing and business leaders, including Neil Patel.

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Share your favorites...

Give these a listen and let me know what you think, or better yet, share your favorite sales enablement podcasts!

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