As we wrap up 2018, we're sharing our most-read articles, as determined by our readers. This year's top sales & marketing posts were:

1. Our favorite sales enablement podcasts

Things change so fast in our industry that continuous learning is vital. But it isn't easy to set aside time to read sales and marketing books or watch long videos. Luckily, audio formats allow us to learn during 'dead' time like when we're on the train, at the airport, or working out. Here are our top sales enablement podcasts.

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2. 2018 inspiration: 5 examples of brilliant B2B marketing campaigns

We shared this one in December 2017, but it was one of the most popular throughout this year. 

Just because we're in B2B, doesn't mean we need to be boring!

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3. 5 sales leadership blogs you need to follow today

Leading a B2B sales team is hard work. The buck stops with you when it comes to... well, everything!

Did you know that the average tenure of a sales manager is just 19 months? This stat is a bit old, but the situation has probably not improved much since.

Here are five fantastic sales leadership blogs you can subscribe to today.

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4. 9 sales conferences to put on your list for 2019

One of the best ways to ensure your sales strategies and tactics are based on best practice is to embrace the habit on lifelong learning.Online courses, webinars, podcasts and articles are all great sources of content - but conferences are much more fun!

We’ve put a comprehensive list of the top sales conferences for 2019.

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5. Sales team productivity: How Qorus helps salespeople focus on selling

If you’re a sales leader, looking at sales productivity stats might be enough to make you wonder whether your organization is plagued by the same inefficiencies. You may also be asking yourself how you’ll begin to plug the hole that’s hemorrhaging cash and causing your sales team not to be as successful as they can be.

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