Email is one of the best tools your sales team has for nurturing and closing deals. Every email they send is a reflection of your brand and will either help or hinder future conversions.

We created 5 email templates for you to copy and personalize to help your sales team have more effective conversations with prospective buyers.

There's a template for:

  1. Making contact with a prospect for the first time.
  2. Following up when a prospect goes cold.
  3. Connecting with free trial users and encouraging them to upgrade.
  4. Answering a question posted on LinkedIn (use this in InMails).
  5. Introducing themselves to a senior hire who has just joined a key account.

Simply copy and paste the content into a Word doc, edit it to make it relevant for your business, then store it in your Qorus Content Hub for the sales team to access directly from Outlook (oh, and they can also attach case studies directly from Outlook if you store them in the Qorus Content Hub).

Qorus Content Hub for your sales and marketing teams

The Qorus Content Hub streamlines access to your sales and marketing content and quickly allows your teams to connect to your customers.

With Qorus Content Hub, your teams can quickly create state-of-the-art sales proposals and marketing assets.

Optimize your sales and marketing efforts with Qorus:

  • Shorten sales cycles and improve win rates
  • Make it easy to incorporate your content into their sales and marketing process
  • Track what content is being used and how it’s used
  • Improve marketing content value and impact
  • Reach more customers, more effectively
  • Spend time with your customers, not on content preparation.