A self-sufficient sales team is one that can nurture leads and close deals without waiting for the marketing team to create or tailor customer content. It is productive and effective, and it can pivot and adapt quickly to changes made by a company’s leaders. It is equipped with all the necessary content to conduct value-adding conversations with potential buyers.

The self-sufficient sales team has instant access to information

The self-sufficient sales team knows that, in order to add value early, it needs to be proactive when it comes to engaging with prospects. This requires instant access to high-quality, up-to-date customer facing content such as:

  • Lead nurture content like reports, eBooks and guides
  • Corporate credential decks and sales presentations
  • Product guides
  • Case studies
  • Technical and support information
  • FAQs
  • RFP content
The self-sufficient sales team uses templates to streamline its processes

Rather than wasting time writing the same introductory emails repeatedly, the self-sufficient team uses best-practice conversation guides, email templates and pitch decks, automatically tailoring and personalizing content for each prospect.

  • They can access and use templates without leaving the document, presentation or email they’re drafting
  • They can quickly build their own pitches and presentations
  • They can add links and attachments to emails without navigating away from Outlook

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