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Your guide to understanding post-pandemic B2B sales trends

We gathered insights and ‘lessons learned’ about the post-pandemic evolution of sales trends, strategies, and tactics from a select group of B2B business development leaders.

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B2B Sales Prediction Guide

The days of in-person pitches and long sales lunches have been replaced by Zoom calls and digital self-serve channels and content. Is your organization successfully navigating the post-pandemic digital sales landscape?  

This guide will help your team understand: 

  • How the buyer journey has evolved since the pandemic began 
  • How B2B sales strategies have shifted and what changes are here to stay 
  • The role of the inside sales team and how to prioritize your sales tech stack 
  • What skills, tools, and integrations are critical for generating consistent revenue in 2022 and beyond 

At QorusDocs, we’re committed to helping you succeed in the digital B2B marketplace. Download 2022 B2B Sales Post-pandemic Trends: A Guide to Prospecting and Customer Relationship Building now. 

Special thanks to:

Jake Braly-1Jake Braly, VP of Global Alliances at Highspot

Tyler Branham-1Tyler Branham, Senior Client Executive at Microsoft

Amy Caroll-1

Amy Caroll, Head of Relationship Management at Intercom

Caragh Kennedy-1

Caragh Kennedy, Head of GTM Partnerships at HubSpot

Sarah Kiss-1Sarah Kiss, Senior Manager, Partner Development at Microsoft

Mark Rogers-1Mark Rogers, SVP Strategic Accounts and Partnerships at Impartner

Mark Stuyt-1Mark Stuyt, CEO at Neural Impact

Stewart Townsend-1Stewart Townsend, Consultant at Channel as a Service



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