We try to create content that is not-only though-provoking, but practical. We want to make life a little easier for our clients.

This year we created a series of practical templates for you to download and use immediately. 

1. Five email templates your sales team can use today

Email is one of the best tools your sales team has for nurturing and closing deals. Every email they send is a reflection of your brand and will either help or hinder future conversions.

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2. Sales enablement templates you can use today 

Download the zip file for 3 sales enablement templates you can customize today:

Selling guide: How to position your solution in a way that makes sense to customers.

Battlecard: How your solution compares to the competition (create one for each competitor).

Datasheet: A quick overview of your solution that can be sent to clients.

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3. B2B sales content blueprint

Clever content does the job that both marketing and sales need it to do in the middle of the funnel:

  • Support relationship building with prospects and customers.
  • Positively influence their buying decisions.
Create an effective marketing content strategy to drive more sales.

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4. How to build an effective B2B sales playbook

More than anything, your salespeople want to close deals. But if they have to reinvent the wheel each time they engage with a new prospect, they won’t have enough time to focus on making sales.

A sales playbook will help to:

  • Reduce ramp-up time
  • Make salespeople self-sufficient
  • Accelerate the sales process

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