Be a Proposal Hero: How to Get Your C-Suite Excited About Proposal Management Software

Jennifer Tomlinson
Written by Jennifer Tomlinson / Apr 30, 2021

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The game is changing. RFPs are becoming more complex, more tailored, and reviewed by more decision makers on a buying committee. In turn, RFP responses need to be compelling, customized, and timely in order to increase the odds of winning the contract. Is your organization up to the task?

If it ain’t broke

Convincing the folks upstairs to embrace any new technology can be an uphill battle. Let’s face it, nobody likes change.

So if the proposal team or sales group has been creating RFP responses manually for years (even if that entails spreadsheets and Word docs stuffed with copious amounts of data, endless hard-to-follow email threads, and long nights ensuring the proposal has accurate, branded content before it’s sent out), transitioning to an automated proposal management process may be an uncomfortable concept.

Tired of hearing “that’s how it’s always been done?” To change minds about any new application, resource, or technology, you must be able to demonstrate that a sizeable and expedient ROI is on the horizon because the C-Suite has its collective eye on the bottom line at all times. Luckily, proposal management software sells itself!

Automation for the win

It’s a fact: organizations who want to get a leg up on the competition use proposal management software to ensure competent, personalized, and on-time RFP responses. This intelligent technology will automate up to 50% of an RFP response, allowing your team to concentrate on the crucial elements of the RFP response that distinguish you as the best option for your prospect.

Getting your C-Suite onboard with proposal management software is easier than you think. What COO doesn’t want to gain operational efficiencies? Has a CMO ever said ‘no’ to gaining valuable competitive data insights? Ever hear of a CEO who doesn’t like the idea of increased revenue and greater profits? Proposal management software delivers.

5 reasons proposal management software is a game changer for the bottom line

  1. Increased win rates with superior RFx submissions

    Low-quality RFP responses and proposals result in lower win rates, create negative perceptions, and worst of all, can put the business at risk.

    Investing in proposal management software increases your chance of success by enabling you to create high-quality, personalized submissions that stand out from the competition. With AI-enabled software that suggests pre-approved, branded content, you can deliver professional-looking proposals & successful RFP responses in a snap. Plus, with a single source of truth at your fingertips, you’ll never worry about accuracy or consistency again!

  2. Accelerated Deal Velocity + More Time Selling

    Why waste time spinning your wheels to close a deal? Top organizations use automated technology to maximize their sales velocity and it pays off: sales teams are more efficient and spend less time on administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time with clients and focus on revenue-generating activities.

    Proposal software’s auto-answer technology can generate 50% of your RFP response content in minutes(!), leaving you more time to articulate business value and goals, as well as personalize responses that speak directly to your prospect’s unique needs.

    Plus, with the speed and efficiency gains you realize when you automate the proposal process, your team will be able to respond to more RFPs and beat deadlines.

  3. Competitive Advantages with Data Insights

    Did you know advanced proposal management software can deliver customer and prospect intelligence, such as what’s read, clicked, and shared within your RFP responses and proposals? Your organization might be sitting on a wealth of knowledge without even knowing it!

    Using the right tools, data insights (e.g., what content is shared, how often, in what sales situation, win rate) can be extracted and analyzed directly from RFP responses and proposals, resulting in better business decisions, more streamlined operations, and increased revenue.

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  4. Improved Team Efficiency

    With increased RFP complexity and more decision-makers weighing in, proposals and RFP responses now require more input from SMEs and stakeholders to successfully win over a full buying committee. To streamline this process, distributed teams need resources that facilitate collaboration and rapid content-sharing so that documents are matched with what matters most to the prospect or customer.

    Proposal management software integrated with business systems across the organization ensures simplified collaboration and secure sharing of proposals and RFP responses, regardless of location. Plus, a centralized hub of data offers quick access to the most up-to-date, engaging content that wins deals.
  1. Customer Loyalty and Expanded Profits

    Did you know acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing one? That’s a scary statistic for any CRO. To keep your customers for the long term, you need to demonstrate that you are fully in tune with their current challenges and state of affairs; renewals must be assembled with the latest customized content and detailed perspective.

    Using proposal management software and a single source of data to drive the process, you’ll have instant access to details of what your customer uses currently and what worked in the original sale, enabling your team to deliver brand-consistent, tailored renewal pitches. Enjoy that winning advantage!
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