Professional Services Insights: How to Get Executive Buy-in for Proposal Management Software

Jennifer Tomlinson
Written by Jennifer Tomlinson / Jun 20, 2023

As Executive VP of Marketing, I work to identify business needs and help QorusDocs’ clients generate revenue more effectively and efficiently. I spearhead efforts to increase brand awareness through digital marketing and client engagement.

Whether your professional services firm specializes in accountancy, law, architecture, managed IT or engineering, nurturing existing clients and expanding the client base are equal drivers of financial stability and profitability, especially in uncertain economic times—and both objectives rely heavily on the proposal and RFP response process.  

While pitch teams and the proposal and bid folks recognize and appreciate the value of AI-powered proposal management software to automate and accelerate the response process, convincing the C-suite at your firm can be a challenge. It’s true that proposal automation software can help you efficiently create compelling proposals, RFP responses, pitches, and presentations that demonstrate the value you bring to the client (a recent benchmark study confirms this) but partners and the rest of the executive leadership team need to understand how investing in proposal management software will deliver return on investment for the KPIs they’re most focused on.  

Understanding exec pain points 

What is the best way to gain executive buy-in? Put yourself in their shoes and determine what issues keep them up at night. Think about what operational and sales challenges are impeding the leadership team from realizing their goals for the firm. By focusing on what the CMO, CIO, and Partner(s) at your organization care about, you can speak to their challenges and emphasize how proposal management software can alleviate their pain points and help the company achieve its overall vision.   

Let’s explore how to communicate the value of proposal management software to the Partners—and get you the green light for the proposal automation tool you need to optimize your role. 

Partner/Fee earner: Bottom-line benefits   

Partners are focused on ensuring the profitability of the business, striving for sustained growth through a clear vision, mission, and growth strategy. They’re interested in increasing operational efficiency to accelerate the deal cycle and buoy the bottom line. “How can we increase billable hours?” is always on their mind. At the same time, partners recognize that human capital is the bread and butter of the firm; they must find ways to retain talent in the firm, helping associates and other team members do their jobs with less stress and friction. 

From a growth and sustainability perspective, proposal management software simplifies and intelligently automates the creation of proposals, RPF responses, pitches, and presentations to accelerate the deal cycle and win more client business—critical benefits the Partners at your firm will value.  

Implementing a proposal automation solution also makes the lives of the proposal and pitch teams a lot easier, eliminating collaboration and content management headaches. And happier employees translates to less turnover, minimized recruitment costs, and stronger client relationships. 

When making the case in support of adding AI-powered proposal management software to your tech stack, focus on how the following benefits of automating the response process will help address the challenges that keep Partners up at night. 

  • Accelerate response process to reduce labor cost and increase operational efficiency  

  • Increase billable hours by spending less time on pitches 

  • Simplify and expedite daily workflow by enabling bid and proposal team to work in technology they know and use regularly: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel 

  • Collaborate easily with associates, managers, and senior managers in pitches, giving them the opportunity to develop in their careers 

  • Consistently deliver higher-quality, on-brand responses that impress prospective clients 

  • Achieve accurate time and cost reporting with pitches with more licensed users 

  • Develop best practices by understanding how pitches are used by clients (Share & Track feature)


Bringing it home 

Whether you’re on the bid and proposal, pitch, business development or client engagement team, you recognize that proposal management software makes all the difference between winning client business and wasting countless hours and energy on proposals and pitches that fall flat or get lost in the crowd.  

Helping the C-suite fully understand the value that a proposal automation solution delivers is increasingly critical to ensuring you have the tools to do your job as efficiently and effectively as possible. And by laying out that value in terms of solving the issues they care about, you’ll be well on your way to automating your response process to save time, minimize headaches, and win more client business.  

For a full breakdown on how to get buy-in from the rest of the rainmakers—CMO, CIO/IT, BizDev, and more—and secure investment in proposal management software to make your role easier and less stressful, check out our new guide: How to Get Executive Buy-in for Proposal Management Software: Professional Services

Looking for supporting material to help drive home your point to the C-suite? Case studies that highlight real-life benefits are extremely persuasive. Check out the incredible transformation at the law firm Kramer Levin after they automated their response process. Plus, don’t miss our QorusDocs Professional Services Resources Hub, an extensive collection of resources curated specifically for professional services organizations. 

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