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Proposal Management for Professional Services Series: Why Choose QorusDocs?

As an accompaniment to our four-part Proposal Management Software for Professional Services video series, this blog series explores how professional services firms are using proposal management software to simplify and accelerate the response process, while increasing the quality, accuracy, and efficacy of proposal documents—and, ultimately, driving client acquisition rates higher. 

This final installment in the series outlines how the unique features and capabilities of AI-powered QorusDocs can help your organization transform your response process to create visually compelling pitches, proposals, and RFx responses and generate consistent wins.  

[Check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this blog series to discover the ins and outs of AI-powered proposal management software for professional services organizations—and how to reap the productivity, cost-saving, and revenue-generating rewards at your firm.] 

Boost productivity

At QorusDocs, we’re very proud of our award-winning AI-powered proposal management software. Our automated platform is uniquely designed to benefit professional services firms, helping you create visually compelling proposals, RFx responses, and pitches to clearly demonstrate the value your organization brings to the table.  

We’re confident that QorusDocs is the best proposal management software for professional services organizations. To help with your software selection process, here are a few reasons why QorusDocs rocks! 

Go beyond bland to drive wins 

To engage prospects, professional services organizations need to create visually compelling response documents that not only contain all the requisite information but stand out from the competition with an aesthetic edge. Bland question-and-answer-style responses might work for basic documents like security questionnaires, but when you're pitching a new client or building an RFP response aimed at demonstrating the value of your expertise and experience, you need a visually compelling document. 

How do you create an engaging aesthetic? You’ll want to include visual elements (e.g., call outs, charts, images) in your proposals, pitches, and presentations; making use of different formats and layouts (e.g., tombstones, bulleted lists, multi-column lists) helps to create visual interest for the eye—and prevents anyone from ever calling your proposal bland or boring! 

QorusDocs has you covered when it comes to creating compelling pitches, proposals, and RFx responses. With QorusDocs’ beautiful, customizable pre-built templates that include various visual elements and the ability to customize layouts for maximum visual impact, you’ll be well on your way to winning new client business. 

Get comfortable inside familiar Microsoft Office apps 

The visual elements—from tombstones, tables, and bulleted lists to call outs, images, and icons—that bring your response document to life are very familiar to anyone that's ever responded to an RFP or built a pitch inside of a Microsoft Office tool like Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.  

And because QorusDocs plugs directly into those Microsoft Office applications—Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook—you're able to build highly visual proposals, pitches, and RFP responses using the tools within the Microsoft Office suite that you're familiar with. It couldn’t be easier! 

Integration options for the win  

To simply and streamline the response process for your team, QorusDocs is heavily integrated into the Microsoft tech stack. Not only are we integrated with tools like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Excel, but QorusDocs is also integrated with content storage capabilities within Microsoft 365 (e.g., SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive for Business) and popular CRMs. 

We integrate directly into Microsoft SharePoint Online which means that you can store content in your own SharePoint environment, access that content when you're building out your pitch, and save back into that environment as well.  

QorusDocs also integrates heavily into channels and teams within Microsoft Teams. This feature means you can save back into your collaboration areas and coauthor and collaborate on documents together with the rest of your team, while tracking directly inside of Microsoft Teams.  

We haven’t forgotten about individual contributors who may use a tool like Microsoft OneDrive for Business to store personal content for use in proposal and pitch development. QorusDocs integrates with Microsoft's OneDrive for Business to allow you to make use of that content, saving you from storing content on your hard drive and keeping it in the cloud, but also making sure that the content is up to date to ensure accurate, relevant response documents. 

The secure choice 

Security is a critical factor when choosing a cloud-based proposal management solution—and we take it very seriously. In addition to multiple internal security and privacy controls, QorusDocs runs on the Microsoft Azure platform, ensuring our software takes advantage of over 90 compliance certifications and a series of tools that simplify and accelerate cloud compliance. 

Our partnership with Microsoft enables us to provide a secure, private, and stable environment for this business-critical function of your organization, helping your team produce and delivering pitches, proposals, and RFP responses with the highest level of security and confidence. 

Built for professional services 

At QorusDocs, we specialize in serving enterprise professional services organizations. As a result, we've been able to build specialized features and content storage capabilities into the tool. For example, storing content—such as biographies, CVs, Executive Summaries—is easier in QorusDocs; making sure that you're updating those items of content is simpler in QorusDocs as well. 

With QorusDocs’ specialized professional services expertise, we enable your firm to store thousands of experience records and tens of thousands of matter of records—and then easily use those records in a pitch or proposal. Need to lay out your experience records across three pages in Tombstone format? No problem. At QorusDocs, we understand operational processes and best practices for enterprise professional services organizations and can help you transform your response process to consistently build winning pitches, proposals, and RFx responses.  

Building a future with generative AI 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a massive part of the QorusDocs roadmap. While continuing to invest in building an innovative generative AI strategy, we've made huge strides with the technology that's available today through our Auto Answer feature. With Auto Answer, you can simply highlight sections of an RFP or ask questions from a questionnaire and our tool will find the best answers in your database and automatically insert the content into your document. It’s practically magic! 

We believe that the evolution of Generative AI will revolutionize the world of proposal management and we're excited about where generative AI is going to take us. The QorusDocs Generative AI Assistant will advise you on the best content, answers, and words to use in your pitches and proposals and help you further tailor your RFP answers to your audience for maximum impact.  

Our Generative AI Assistant will enable you to present content in layouts that add extra visual elements— grids, bullet lists, contact cards, tombstones—to create compelling response documents, while keeping your private information secure. 

With QorusDocs Generative AI capabilities, you’ll save time personalizing answers and writing original content. QorusDocs combines data points from your CRM records, competitive documents, and your own detailed content to help drive decisions and focus your teams' efforts. As a result, you’ll be able to spend more time on the high-value bids where you have a higher propensity to win. You’re welcome.  

To gain additional insights into how professional services firms are using AI-powered proposal management software to transform their response process—and how you can reap the rewards in your organization—check out our new Proposal Management for Professional Services video series

Published by Jennifer Tomlinson February 15, 2024
Jennifer Tomlinson