Clear, relevant and personalized sales content is key to building and maintaining relationships with prospects over the course of your sales process. This is especially true in the world of B2B sales, where the sales process is complex and involves multiple decision makers – each with their own requirements and objections. 

You will have multiple touch points with each prospect, as you share content to educate, consult and address objections.  

The faster, clearer and more tailored your content at each touchpoint, the shorter your sales cycle and the higher your win rate. 

Unfortunately, finding and sharing this content with prospects is usually a frustratingly slow process.  And as we know, if the typical sales rep can't find content in a few minutes, they won't use it.  

This is why we created Qorus Content Hub: to help sales teams quickly find the content they need. 

Qorus is a sales enablement platform with a content library that users can access directly from their Office applications. 

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Qorus has intuitive filters and allows you to group related content together into buckets or categories that cut down search time. Whether you're in Word, PowerPoint or Outlook, you can choose one or more content sources to search, including OneDrive for Business and any SharePoint Online libraries. 

Qorus Content Hub library

Select the content libraries you want to search, or search them all.  

Once you have run your search, you might end up with a large number of results, in which case you can use the Qorus search filters to quickly reduce the volume of returned content and find exactly what you're looking for. 

Qorus Content Hub search filters

Use the search filters to narrow down your results 

An example 

Let's imagine that its 6pm and you're the last one in the office when a major prospect from another time zone asks you to send over a quick proposal that she can share with her team later that evening.  

You quickly open PowerPoint, use the Qorus add-in to search for the relevant proposal template, and then get to work adding industry-specific content and case studies to your proposal document.  

You know that this particular prospect has a challenging technical environment and will need integration services, so you decide to add additional information from the Consulting Team. After running a quick search, you're left with 60 technical document files, so decide to filter the list by services and file type, since you know that you are looking for a PDF on "integration services". You find the document, insert a paragraph from it, and attach the full document as an additional file in your email back to the prospect. 

All in just a few minutes.  

Your prospect is impressed at how organized, responsive and helpful you are. And you don't need to spend your evening wasting time looking for content. That's a win win! 

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Microsoft partner? Use Qorus to access Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) content instantly 

Microsoft is currently offering the Qorus Content Hub as a no-cost sales enablement benefit to help partners navigate and use MPN content productively. 

You can learn more and sign up for the Qorus Content Hub by visiting: 

Microsoft distributor? Use Qorus to empower your downstream partners  

Qorus is helping several major distributors to digitize and streamline their partner enablement processes.   

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