Are you one of the sales representatives that spends nearly *two-thirds of your time on non-revenue generating activities?

How much of your time is spent on proposal management or on creating sales documents to ensure that your prospects receive the best content from you across every touchpoint?

Why creating the best sales content, fast matters

Highly relevant and personalized sales content is essential for building and maintaining relationships with prospects over the course of your sales process. This is particularly true in the world of B2B sales, where the sales process is complex and involves multiple decision makers – each with their own requirements. 

The more tailored your content and the faster you’re able to deliver it to prospects at each touchpoint, the shorter your sales cycle and the higher your win rate. 

Unfortunately, compiling and sharing this content can be a terribly slow exercise that has the potential to get sales reps frustrated and prospects uninterested!

That’s why cloud-based proposal management software is a game changer when it comes to helping sales reps use the best content – in a snap.

How does proposal management software speed up the process?

The best proposal management software helps you build proposals and pitches and respond to RFPs with high-quality presentations in minutes instead of hours, directly from Microsoft Office apps and popular CRM systems.

Watch the quick below video to see how easy it is to create pitches and proposals from within Dynamics 365:

Proposal management software enables you to pull your most relevant content together, from a single source of truth. It takes the pain out of proposal management.

Here’s how: It enables you to quickly search through pre-approved assets, company descriptions, key capabilities, employee bios, industry expertise, and other relevant data to put your best foot forward – even when working remotely.

You can also collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) and other colleagues to share ideas and ensure accuracy before sending prospects your finished documents.

Our proposal management software, Qorus helps you from start to finish:

  • Creating a single source of truth for your content;
  • Enabling teams to work together from anywhere; and
  • Tracking metrics like what prospects are looking at within your content, what they’re sharing, and the time spent on each page.
A practical example of successful proposal management

Let’s say that you’re working from home, it’s beyond office hours, and your team has logged off for the day. You receive an email from a major prospect, in another time zone, asking you to send over a quick proposal that she can share with her team that evening.

Time to panic? No. You simply open PowerPoint, use Qorus for Office to search for the relevant proposal template, and get to work adding industry-specific content and case studies to your proposal document. 

Since you are aware that this prospect works in a technical environment and will require integration services, you decide to add in information from the consulting team.

You run a quick search which brings up multiple technical document files, but because you know you’re looking for a PDF on “integration services”, you filter the list by file type and services, and just like that – you find the document. You insert a paragraph from it and attach the full document in your email back to the prospect.

The prospect is seriously impressed by how quickly you came back to her with the relevant information – and (bonus) you didn’t spend hours of your evening searching for content!

To see how Qorus can help you put forward the best sales content, fast, try out our demo below.

*According to Forbes, sales reps are spending 64.8% of their time on non-revenue generating activities, leaving only 35.2% of their time for selling.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published on July 17, 2018 and recently updated on January 27, 2021.