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Introducing Bio and Executive Summary Templates for Professional Services Proposals

As a professional services organization, you’re accustomed to pitching to prospective clients on a regular basis, highlighting the strengths and benefits of your services through highly-customized proposals and RFP responses. And whether you’re a firm specializing in staffing, accounting, law, or other consultancy services, the knowledge, skills, and experience of your team is at the heart of your proposals. 

At QorusDocs, we’re committed to simplifying and accelerating the response process for professional service organizations. Our aim is to help you easily and effectively convey to prospects the value—knowledge, skills, experience—your team brings to the table. And we want to give you the tools to help you pitch more often and win more consistently. To this end, we’re pleased to introduce two time-saving templates, designed with the unique needs of professional services in mind. 

Bio/CV template 

In professional services, the team is what differentiates and sells a project. But who wants to write team bios for every proposal you send out? We’ve simplified the process with our handy Bio/CV template, including: 

  • Sample sections for guidance 
  • Tips from professional services experts 
  • Straightforward, easy-to-follow format 

Executive Summary template 

Most professional services proposals begin with an Executive Summary. While the format may vary from firm to firm—legal firms often use a single-page, cover-letter style and consulting firms may prefer a longer format that sets the tone for the remainder of the document—the Executive Summary is an opportunity to lay out the strategic differentiators of your firm and impress upon the client the value of selecting your team for the project. 

With input from experts who regularly craft professional services proposals, we’ve developed a framework—complete with samples for your reference—to help you write an impactful Executive Summary for every proposal you send out.  

The QorusDocs Executive Summary template walks you through drafting an introduction, how to effectively convey your unique differentiators, and a conclusion that reaffirms why your firm should be selected.  

Wait, there’s more! 

We’re a big fan of templates for making your life easier. Did you know QorusDocs has an entire Proposal Template Hub to help you create winning proposals, RFP responses, and more? We even have a ready-to-use proposal template designed specifically for professional services organizations to help expedite your response process and engage more clients with less stress. 

Stop reinventing the wheel every time you build a pitch or proposal. Grab our new Bio/CV and Executive Summary templates for professional services now! 

Published by Jennifer Tomlinson October 13, 2022
Jennifer Tomlinson