According to Lisa Redekop from Gartner, the CRM system is the most valuable tool for sales enablement. “If there would be a technology I’d recommend, it would be [one] that connects into the CRM, that a salesperson is already using to track their own business.”

We’ve just built some very cool additional CRM functionality into our proposal management and sales enablement software.

Enable the sales team to build documents directly in CRM

Now business developers are able to build presentations, pitches and proposals within the relevant CRM opportunity. The system also tailors these documents automatically, pulling company, product and pricing information into them.

Take sales enablement to the next level by bridging the content gap

The second new feature is the ability for marketing teams to map content sections to various CRM parameters, for example, industry, product, or stage in the sales cycle. This content is then ‘recommended’ to the business developer when they open the opportunity in CRM.

We have found that this is a fantastic way to bridge that sales/marketing communication gap that so many businesses suffer from. It makes it easy to ensure that each prospect is sent the best, most relevant content in each case.

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To learn more about the benefits of connecting sales enablement software like Qorus Breeze Proposals to your CRM system, download a copy of our new ebook: Connecting the dots to accelerate sales or schedule a demo.


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